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Written by Julian Klewes

27 y/o Digital Native with a cum laude degree in International Business, Management, Marketing and Controlling, with hands on experience in both Agency and Corporate worlds.

Interesting, tell me more about JK


I have used some of the freely accessible icons of FamFamFam (,
Furthermore, believe it or not, this site runs on WordPress (

This theme is firmly based on Hemingway by warsphire.
If you look at the code you might find the same structure (#primary, #secondary, etc)
Header uses parts of ‘s excellent royalty free stock images.
The menu uses parts of code by Sam Birch/phatfusion released under MIT-style license.

Feel free to contact me with any troubling inquiries.


Last but not least some information about creation of this website, I use notepad for coding, Flashfxp or Firefox for uploading the files, Photoshop for image-editing and loads of water and red bull to keep the old mill running.


Furthermore I use Google’s Picasa myself to organize pictures, give it a try and get it below:

For browsing and testing my websites I use Firefox with some built in tools like google bar and page-rank viewer. You can get it by clicking the fancy button below:

And if you were wondering why I got these google advertisments on my website: if you click on them because you find an interesting offer, you earn me 3-4 cent per click. Thanks. Incase you want to use it yourself, feel free to sign up at google adsense:

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    I like the theme, it’s clean

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    hi rybe, how are you? Quality comment, thanks :)

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    Hey man, this design looks bad ass! How do I get it on my blog?

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    this theme looks good

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    I thoguht I was one of the few people still using FlashFXP ::) It’s a good program I save all the sites I connect to on a USB flash drive for a little layer of security when it comes to keeping my clients data from being compromised.
    But, I have to say EditPlus is my perfered Text editor (allows you to edit files through ftp and color code the pages.

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    Nice coloured theme :)

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    My dear friend you have taken wordpress to a new level.
    Thanks for the inspiration!

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