Creative Webcam driver Vista pd1170 Notebook

Julian Klewes, digital brand strategist, published this article 7 years ago

Written by Julian Klewes

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Personal note, look no further but download off my server:

this works under vista 32bit!

And if this does not work, try the XP drivers. make sure you install by right-clicking and selecting “Run as Administrator”
XP drivers

  • Prashant

    Julian , i dont know how to thank you..i tried for more than 2 hours installing the webcam my gal friend waiter for hours and left disheartened for not able to watch me..luckily i clicked ur website installed drivers on my Windows worked great
    none of drivers i installed frm other websites worked..they couldnt detect my cam…ur link helped me alot..thank u


  • jez

    Hi Prashant, thanks for the feedback, I am glad that someone found this useful at last.
    I have been searching the net for hours to find this driver, that’s why I thought I’d do a quick share :)

  • Arban

    Hi Julian. Thank you so much for this drivers. I was trying to install my Creative Web Cam Notebook under Vista and it was nothing for me out there, exept of this drivers. Respect!

  • jez

    glad I could be of help. some corporate websites are really hard to navigate and search!

  • Shankar

    Thanks for the driver, you saved me a lot of headache. Creative website sucks.. anyway thanks again. keep up the good work. :-)

  • Raj

    Thanks for the driver. I tried to install on Vista from CD, and it said not supported platform. I called Creative, and they said clearly it would not work for Vista. I searched on internet, and found your driver link. I installed and it worked!! You saved me a lot! Was hoping is there a way I can help and repay you :) Thanks again, and as said before “Keep up the great work”…

  • Khaled Hariz

    Dear C. Julian jez Klewes
    I am trying to download the above driver for my webcam the answer was it is forbidden cause i have no permission to access this website, So I need your help to down load this driver .your help will be appreciated

  • jez

    replied by mail

  • nate

    would love to download the driver on the page, however when i click on the link, i get a message saying registration has been disabled… any chance you can email the file or is it located somewhere else out there? Thanks…

  • Tao Jiang

    Hi Julian, thanks for a lot for the driver. I too got the “registration has been disabled” error when I click on the download link. Your help to load this driver will be appreciated!

  • Steven L

    Hi H4x3d,

    Registration is disabled, I was wondering if I could get a copy of the pd1170 driver

  • laurent


    I have vista 64bit, I’ve tried to intall your driver but it just didn’t work, any other alternative?


  • Anand

    Can you point me to or help me with driver for Windows 7 64-bit?


  • john grahm

    does anyone have drivers for windows 7 64bit for the pd1170 webcam