Internet Circumvention 101

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Written by Julian Klewes

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Many schools and offices employ a secure system that will filter certain information on the internet. Most applications of this method originate in the school’s or the office’s server.Programs on the server identify certain variable of certain tags in the source of webpages, namely the Meta-Tag. When the server gets a request for a webpage that has a keyword in the Meta-Tag that is objectionable or blocked by the company or school, it is blocked. The most common keywords that are blocked include: Sex, games, guns and weapons.


For all of us that are interseted in a little recreational surfing during the school or workday we have many options. There hundreds of ways to circumvent your network’s firewall or content blocker. The most common way to escape censorship is a proxy server.

-The proxy service is either a free service(low quality) or a paid service(higher quality). You usually use the proxy server through your internet browser(I reccomend Firefox).In Firefox and Internet Explorer GOTO–>TOOLS–>INTERNET OPTIONS–>CONNECTIONS.

*This is the most common way, the most complicated way, and the most expensive way to circumvent whatever blocking technology you organization uses.

Another Way is PHP and CGI Circumvention

Examples can be found here:


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^^^^^^^^MAY NOT ALL BE ACCESSIBLE^^^^^^^^^^


AIM(AOL instant messenger)

MSN(instant messenger)-

IRC(internet relay chat)- (full access to all IRC servers)

(full access to all IRC servers) (create your own IRC channel) [uploadable java applet that allows you to have IRC on your webpage]

By my friend Tennen who sadly disappeared.