Motorola Razr v3i Software and v3i USB Driver

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download motorola razr v3i without any bullshit

Do you need software for your Razr v3i mobile phone to connect to your PC?
Are you looking for a USB driver to connect your Razr v3i to your PC?

I was and I didn’t find anything useful but loads of scam and fake sites on the internet,
thus it was time to create an overview of download links available on the net that DO WORK.


Ever since the Motorola Razr v3i got released, Motorola has failed to provide a download for the simple tool that helps their owners transfer files from the (expensively bought) cellphone to their PCs.

When I moved places I lost my original Install CD and was left alone with the problem of transferring files over to my PC since Motorola support does virtually not exist.

One of my mates from school bought a new Razr v3i and he was kind enough to dispatch it to me.
The transfer programme itself is only little in size, but to install the whole CD is required.

Motorola’s approach to the problem is simple: in case the customer has lost the CD or it has become defect, the customer has to buy an additional USB cable in order to get the CD. I googled around and tried to find resources where to get the CD without the cable. There are so many people out there trying to make money with this software, it is annoying. This site presents an index of links that are available on the internet. Kind of “self-runners”. You bought the cellphone and you have right to use the software that came with it. In case you do not own the cellphone Razr v3i, do not download, because you have not initially paid for it (makes sense, doesn’t it!) Thanks.


So with many, many downloads, the CD has proofed to be working, yet if you don’t want to download the full-install cd, you can get the Motorola Phonetools Installer only here (76MB)

The size of the parts (in most cases) is around 50 MB.


How-to get things done (easy guide)

It does not take a degree in rocket science, as it was put earlier this month by a user in the comments, but just some careful reading on this site. Yet again, because I keep receiving e-mail with questions, a guide

download the 14 files,
once you downloaded all files,
get a program called “winrar” or “winzip”.you then install it,
with this program installed you click the very first file (right click) and select “extract to”,
choose a folder.

it will then ask you to enter a password.
this is
you will receive a bin and a cue file.
you will have to get a program that can burn bin files (cd image) to a cd.
you can get nero, from (30 days trial, or you get a free open source one, just use google to get information).
you have to select “burn image/from file” somewhere and select either the cue or the bin file.
a cue file stores the information on “how a cd has to be burned”, so if you select that, put in a cd and press “burn” you will have
the motorola cd in minutes.
you can use this cd to install the drivers and the program (installing the program automatically installs the driver).

Nero came with my PC, so the guide linked below (bottom of page) shows it with Nero.

Some users reported the below files not to work, so grab a copy of the full CD listed above. Those files below are only ‘specialist’ files. May be handy to some folks out there

Those links below are only the single applications, they might not work, so if you can, be sure to grab the full CD, mount it or burn it and enjoy. Feel free to leave a comment!

The password is www.h4x3d.comMotorola Razr v3i Software (rapidshare, free download)

Razr v3i Software (megaupload free download)

Filesize: 14.36 mb
MotoMdm.inf (divshare free download 2kb)

You might need the MotoMdm.inf in order to complete the setup, so be sure to download it. Password aswell

And in case you got problems with, download this rar file and you should be able to install all things with ease. (rapidshare 69.89 mb free download). Again if this fails, go for the full CD. The full CD has been confirmed to work.


What to do with the cue and bin-file?

You can download Daemon Tools for free and use this program to emulate the CD.

Or you can burn the file to a CD-R or DVD using a tools such as NERO by selecting the option “burn image”. Select the cue-file to burn it.

Make sure that you de-select the option “install save-now” toolbar or similar, it’s useless and stupid. so be aware!

What is Daemon Tools? – Wikipedia article

I can only encourage you guys to check out, I put together some information, that might help you out. This is for all the folks out there who have problems getting the phone tools to run, or who have no degree in rocket science and fail to follow the simple instructions on the other site. Look at the screenshots below and realize that THIS is the real thing, it does work. If you receive any errors or dont get the screenshots similar to what is shown above, then you are very likely to have downloaded either the wrong files, or that they got corrupted while downloading. This may happen if you have a bad wireless network, or are at university or you are using dialup. Again I can only underline, that things do work. The files linked on this page are offered free of charge. And no support or whatever is given, as I am student and busy myself. Keep the internet and its content FREE! Don’t pay for something that you can get for free. I do own the original CD, but lost it while moving from internship to internship. I now got a backup copy on DVD-r (CD-r are so easily damaged)

Again for those who over-read things:

  • jez

    one user reported that it is not working for him, eventhough I posted several fixes.

    What I am going to do is upload the full cd as iso/bin file. I will enclose a cue-file aswell so that you can burn it correctly. I hope I get the chance this week, else, keep on harrasing me with requests. Thanks, I hope you enjoy it :o

  • james

    i bought razr v3i from e-bay all works but the internet im with cingular
    cingular said there software and whats in the phone are not compatible can you help thanks james

  • jez

    i am uploading a driver cd at the moment. i am quite sure that the drivers on there and the software might sort u out. regards, jez

  • jez

    should be compatible to all Motorola v3i Razr Phones!

  • jdl

    Password doesn’t work on .rar from rapidshare

  • jez

    download the full cd then man, burn it, insert it and install like you had the cd – i posted updated links yesterday (see post)

  • jez

    also the password is 100%; since I upped these files I am quite sure it is. I type this address 100times a day, the chance of having it mistyped is one to xtrillion

  • jez

    non -what?
    Can you try to be more specific?

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  • http://no Karinamlohava

    Jebem ti sve zhivo i mtrvoooooo ! ! !

  • jez

    karinalohava what language do you speak? Is that Albanian?


    You are the man!! I been looking for the correct Mobile Tools to work with the Pink V3 I just got for my mother. This was hard to find for FREE, so I am very thankful that you uploaded this. I almost paid the $24 to get this. I’m glad I searched more.

    I download all 14 files from, after the 8 or 9th file downloads speed up very fast.
    I then used the “””" passcode for the first rar file. I don’t think people know to use it, being you didn’t place that code near it.





    No problem,

    I would also like that the phone is a regular V3 phone, and if anyone has a problem copying the bin or cue file to a disc, it would be much easy & faster to just download Dameon tools (virtual disc) and load the cue file. Setup will start automactic. That what I did :)

  • jez

    hey glad I could have helped ya (mum grin), and thanks for sharing your experience, I will add the password more boldly! keep them comments going!

  • jez

    I have added the password and information about daemon tools to the article, thanks for contributing. Comments like that improve the quality and usability of this site! cheers

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  • Vidar

    Just bought a RAZR V3i in Spain. How can I change language to Norwegian when it’s not available in the phone languages options ?

  • jez

    hey vidar, I am not sure if there is a way, but you’d try changing it in one of the *.ini files. Something like language=no (for norwegian) might do.

    If that doesn’t work, which I doubt it will ;(, just use English.

    Your English sounds perfectly fluid to me, so why bother? I use English myself, as the German language uses loads of long words in places where short ones might be of better use (e.g. Settings instead of “Ger?teeinstellungen” etc). Good luck, jez

  • http://www.gvanb.eustillinprogress gvanb

    hey guys, am i understanding right that i have to burn the cue and bin file to a cd, which then only will convert into an installable file?
    thanks for confirming…. i know.. i’m a bit slow in these things:)

  • http://www.gvanb.eustillinprogress gvanb

    guys, too late, i already found it out, not that slow after all ;) ) setup is running and registring for having the tool working… thanks and have a great 2007 ! keep it up guys!

  • jez

    glad that it works now, enjoy!

  • Fernando


    Files 3, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 and 11 of was deleted and the mediafire links don’t open for me…

    can you upload it again?


  • jz

    I personally DON’T upload stuff, but I will get someone to re-upload it as I am busy at the moment revising for uni.

    I will let you know about changes. Thanks for telling!

  • Fernando

    It’s work!!!!
    thanks man!!!!


    Comment by jez: Where?


    Julian – I want to thank you, Man!
    Everything is working great!

  • Prakash

    Does this work for Moto Razr v3 too??

    Also what is bin/cue? Can you pls elaborate???

    Thx in advance


  • jez

    no idea if it works with the V3, but I’d just get the files and test it out. Nothing big to loose, is there?

    A cue sheet, or cue file, is an ASCII (plain text) file that specifies how the tracks of a compact disc should be laid out. Cue sheets commonly have a “.cue” filename extension. They were originally used for the CDRWIN CD recording program, but are also used with other CD software as well as music and video playback software.

    For an audio CD, the cue sheet can specify titles and performers for the disc and its tracks as well as the names of one or more audio files to be used. MP3, WAV and BIN files are often used, although some programs support other formats. Cue sheets are especially useful when burning or listening to live sets where all tracks are recorded in one file.

    Cue sheets are also used for many types of CDs in conjunction with an image file. The image file generally has a “.bin” extension.

    more about cue/bin files. As I said before, I don’t offer support for this, I am a full-time student and busy myself. If you want support, go to some sleezy store and buy a cable that connects your phone to the usb-port of your PC. You usually get the phone-tools CD along with the cable. (30$?). Thanks for asking though:)

  • Prakash

    Couldnt find MotoMdm.inf on rapidshare and Megaupload’s sockets are always busy. Will you pls upload MotoMdm.inf to divshare or any other site??? Thx in advance

  • John

    Yeah, so I don’t know what to do now. I downloaded all 14 things…but I don’t know what to do after that.

  • Prakash

    I got it…but I just want to confirm whether MotoMdm.inf is included in the rar files which u have uploaded on divshare…or I have to download it seperately????

  • jez

    You probably have to download all the files from divshare or mediafire to get the full CD, it’s about 600MB. I will get someone to upload it to divshare. Hope it’ll help. Else go for the full install.

  • jez

    john: extract the rar files to a folder, the password is

    enter when asked. programs to extract are winrar, winace or winzip. google for that if you don’t have those. You then get a cue and a bin file. use a program like nero (again google if you dont got it) to burn the file to a cd. you then use the cd to install the program. if all that is too much trouble, don’t use it:)

    prakash: since the 14 files on divshare represent the full cd, it of course includes this wanted file. you don’t have to download it seperatly if you got all the 14 rars. hope this helps.

  • I Need Help Pls

    um i have a problem with the full cd download ,i downloaded the two files from megashares and when i double click motorola_v3i_phone_tools.part1 it says:
    ! C:Documents and SettingsSLick1DesktopNew Foldermotorola_v3i_phone_tools.part1.rar: The archive is either in unknown format or damaged
    i dont know why it says that : do u know how to fix it??

  • jez

    if it is broken,

    then you will have to either re download the files,

    or get them somewhere else, e.g. divshare or mediafire (the files 1-14), there is no wait limit or nag-screen at their sites, so you can download them real fast.

    You can download 3-4 files simultaneously at them.

    It’s way better megashares.

    The file (big file) might have gotten corrupted in the process of downloading. It seems like you are on cable, so just get the other files, unpack them after entering the password,

    burn them to a cd (cue+bin files included) and that’s it.

    This is kinda as precise and helpful as I can get.

  • haydos_2318

    i got a motorola v3 off my brother and i want to put pictures from the computer onto my phone. i have the USB cord but it says i need to have a CD…how do i get the CD without buying it?

  • jez

    hey don’t put your name as I need help or need help, it makes you look stupid and you will not receive help.

    If you don’t bother reading this page, then I cannot help you. It is all on this site: how to get the CD (files), how to burn it etc. If you don’t get this, please go to ebay and buy it with a cable there ;7

  • wealthybrian

    Hi, thanks for making the mobile phone tools available, broke my cd, and didn’t want to buy another one. If you download the 14 rar files, select them all, right click and extract them to a folder. Then open nero and find burn image on one of the menus and select the cue file, nero does the rest.

  • Chubbs

    Thanks for the files mate – I inherited a Razr V3i from my daughter and now I can play with it a bit more, thanks to you and the poster who explained how to burn it to a CD.

  • jz

    always glad to help out people. thanks for the comment, it’s very motivating :o

  • teffany

    Hey, I already downloaded all the files from your site to be able to get a free software of my new motorazor v3i. Apparently everytime I install the said program the error continues to give me this message “C:Program FilesAddonsInfGeneric_Serial_DriverMotoMdm.inf”. PLEASE Help me solve this problem, since my unit doesnt have a free cd. Thank YOU & Godspeed..

  • teffany

    I already have daemon tools, but everytime the initialization starts it suddenly disappear. I am from the Philippines and our local cable does not support any motorola products. Please Help I need to get a file from my unit to send it via email. Thank for your consideration.

    GRCONV.dll was not found when i tried to install the program…

  • jez
    So in case you downloaded the single inf file from this page and it didn’t work, please download the 14 files mentioned above, there are two sites available in case one doesn’t work temporarily.

    There is no waiting time or ad-spammed area on these sites, so you should be able to download the files rather speedy. Extract these files using a program like winrar (also mentioned above). When asked enter the password “”. You will then be able to unpack the files, the result are two files, one large and one small file. You can use an image-burning program such as nero burning rom to burn the bin file/cue file to a CD-R. In case you don’t have a burner, download daemon tools (link above), install it, reboot, continue the install, mount the cd (right click on daemon tools icon in tray -> mount image) and then INSTALL PHONE TOOLS. On this site you basically find the CD you are looking for, so if you take some time and read through things you should be easily able to get things going. If all this seems too much trouble, go buy the cable (you usually get a free cd with that).
    Cheers, jz

  • http://none BooWoo

    heheheh…im a noobie at this things…should i extract all these 14 files to a folder? or i need the deamon tool to compress these files and install them?

  • jez

    download all files (14), save to one folder, extract them using winrar or winzip, enter the password when asked.

    you get 2 files then.

    download and install daemon tools. watch out for the spyware (install carefully), reboot your pc, continue the install of DT, mount the cue file (or the bin), voil? you got the CD mounted.

    you can access the cd as if it was in your cd-drive.


  • http://non Carmen

    Thank you so much!

  • phstone

    I extract the files from the first rar file however when I move to number 2 (of 14) and try and extract that one to the same folder it says that the file with the same name already exists. what am I doing wrong? Do I have to rename each file?
    Thanks very much

  • jez

    phstone simply download all files to one folder. If you got that done, right click the first one and select “extraxt to (some name shown)”. When asked enter the password. You DO NOT have to extract EACH file one by one!. It’s really simple. I hope it helps. In case you are getting mixed up, download a free copy of winrar (google for winrar) and you will be taken care of the extracting. I am sorry if all the comments below and the explanations on this page are yet not enough to get it done, but in your case I’d suggest reading through things carefully, because it does not take a degree in rocket-science to figure out how this works! No offense meant!

  • Ankit Dubey

    hi can u help me my phone is not connected to my pc through internet. they show me a msg like, download motorola phonetools & my pc requires logo test , it shows my pc cannot pass logo test. so can u help plzz atleast reply me if u can. Ankit

  • Sugar

    Really glad you put this software on the Web. Started downloading the 14 parts, got to part 10 when our Network Nazi’s blocked Mediafire. Damn, I’ll have to go to an internet cafe to get the rest.

    Thanks heaps once again.

  • jez

    hey sugar, fancy e-mail address you have :)

    At first I didn’t understand the admin blockage thing, but then it rang a bell!

    Thanks for the kudos and feel free to try the other mirror (, they are quite fast as well. If you need another mirror, leave a comment here again and I will get someone to post them elsewhere.

    Best regards and sincere greetings to down-under, jez

    and @ankit: I have no idea what you are trying to do and say, please elaborate!

  • Eddie

    I downloaded the 2 part file from Megashare. The password of doesn’t work for the second part of the extraction. Before anyone says ‘you didn’t type it correctly!’ I have, and I tried copy and paste fron this site. Got any help?

  • Shane

    Thanks. Guy brought me phone to fix with the iTunes CD only, think his other CD at his x-girlfriends (ooops). He owes you big.

  • Eddie


    Thanks for the quick response. I have pulled my walls down in frustration. I’ve been trying what you suggested from the start, but I do appreciate that the simplest of answers are usually the most correct. I’ve tried to download the second part and the first part again just incase there was a transfer error. Still doesn’t work. However, I got fed up with holding the ceiling up and started to download the 14 separates.

    Would like to say the you’re providing an excellent service to those that use the web properly.

  • jez

    thanks for the feedback Eddie, it is much appreciated!
    I will try to keep some good stuff coming over the next few months,

  • phstone

    Thanks very much for the additional information. The key (as you stated) was that I didn’t have to un-RAR all of the files, just the first one and there were links to the other 13 – I didn’t understand that until you pointed it out. I have cancelled my application to get a degree in rocket-science (not needed) and will be pursing woodworking instead.
    Thanks again for your help.

  • Eddie


    The 14 file worked a treat. I have started the re-building of my walls and I’ll have the place looking like it was in no time. Thanks again.

  • jez

    Shane, thanks for the bigups!

    Eddie, I am sorry but I doubt I can be much of help in this case then, because I was told the password is, just as written above. I cannot think of megashares changing the password, or do you think so?

    I’d advise you to download the files of divshare or mediafire (mirrors above), as they seem to work for (nearly) everyone.

    I think

    I have tried the files myself (since I run this site) and they work all fine.

    You do not have to extract each rar file individually, but download both and then click “extract to” on the first file. You will then be prompted once to enter the password. So basically I assume the error is there. Feel free to report back here if you either figured it out or start pulling the wall of your room in insanity :)

  • jez

    I glad it worked out, and thanks for the feedback, I really enjoy reading your stories as for a long time I was wondering where all the thousands of people every day go without leaving a comment. Again, good to hear it worked, feel free to bookmark the main site or subscribe to the RSS feed, as I got good stuff coming from time to time.

  • http://none Cabalavatar

    I just finished trying the two part method and that didn’t work. Windows continues to prompt me with an error message that my ZipGenius fails to unzip the .rar files. I have tried to unzip both at once and one at a time, each time right-clicking and selecting “extract here.” Neither of those options worked. Does this mean that I will have to download the 14 files and procede to unzip the first part after I d/l them? Btw, can you offer some advice on Daemon Tools or should the Wikipedia link suffice?

  • http://none Cabalavatar

    I wholeheartedly recant my previous comments. The 14-file method worked perfectly. I have any ringtone I want on my phone now – free. You’re the man Jez! I wish I could buy you lunch or something in return lol. A+ marks! Thanks so much!

  • cnssupport

    Julian, thank you so much for making this available to the community. Everything worked out of the box, we burned the expanded 700mb+ file an the associated CUE file to a DVD and the rest was history.

    It’s people such as yourself which makes ‘the net’ such an priceless resource. Keep up the great work and thanks again.

  • jez

    Brian: Thanks for the plaudit, I appreciate it. It’s a great thing to make others happy so easily. As it is written in the article above, the idea behind this was to give the people the stuff they need without wasting so much time click through the google results which (mostly) lead to sleezy mobile shops and crap.

    hey cabalavatar, I am glad it (after all) worked out for you as well. Thanks for the kudos and the offer. I’d appreciate that dinner most certainly, but basically the main idea with this site is to keep things free!

  • Kram

    I know that the software here is for the Razor… but by chance has anyone tried it for the Krazer? I am using dial up so I really don’t want to have to waste my time downloading theses files just to find out that it won’t work for me if someone else has already made the same mistake. Thank you for your time!

  • jz

    I am glad it works and you are welcome!

  • kyda

    i keep downloading all these RAR files, all 100% ok with sizable MB showing, but extracting all have nothing inside.? blank.? except #14, only one that had a bin and cue file? any ideas..?

  • jez

    kyda, not meant to be rude, but if you’d read all the comment above you’d know what is causing this. I will explain it again, and if you follow these instructions it will also work for you:

    a. download all files

    b. put them all in one folder

    c. click “winrar / extract to ” on the first file

    d. enter the password

    the files you downloaded are a split-file archive. I hope it works, because obviously it does as we all put loads of testing in it.

  • kyda

    ok, thanks, i am used to zip files, not rar, tried the cd part 1 and 2 but the service said i exceeded the 300mb limit on the 400mb one, i to the 200mb one worked ok. i will try your 14 part file again, with the above instruction thanks again..!

    ok, working now, looks good, thanks for all ur help, really appreciate someone who actually went to the trouble to post the new razor stuff with no porn, and garbage fake stuff.! thanks again.

  • David

    first of all thank you for the help
    my phone didnt come with any software

    passwords for the ftp site arent working any more

  • Rachael

    You are the man!!! Thanks so much for this, I’ll be earning myself loads of Brownie points tomorrow with a guy at work, he’ll think that I’m a genius :-)
    One thing I didn’t realise that when using Nero 7, you have to ‘burn image’ using the cue file rather than just ‘burn compilation’ (which is what it kept asking me to do and being an inexperienced Nero user and no rocket scientist I didn’t know). I ended up burning a couple of compilations and wondering why it didn’t work so maybe you could update your instructions (and you could rename them The Idiots Guide for people like me).
    Thanks again xx PS love the new look!

  • Jim

    So, you have to pay for the cd download? I though it was free. OK, I suppose we all have to make a buck.
    edit by jez: dude you dont have to pay for anything, not even death, so take a look around this site and realize you can download it from 3 different servers. there are links marked clearly to the files, which will make up the CD

  • jez

    sorted out via email, also added a tutorial for the less rocket-scientific affiliated people :)

  • Jim

    With much help from Jez, I was finally able to make the disc. WOO HOO. OK, but now the sad part. If your using Verizon, and the V3M phone, they limit what you can do with your new tools. About all their software will allow is phone book changes and texts. No music or other media file transfers. Does anyone know of a site that has information on how it edit the Verizon software?

  • chetan

    please tell me how to install a movie player or a mp3 player like smartmovie or real player.
    the download iss too large. My net connection is of less speed. any particular file which could help

  • harry

    hi i download 14 file and extracted them and i got 2 file one o f the iz
    Motorola Phone Tools adn 2nd Motorola Phone Tools.CUE and i dont noe wat to do with them it say u are try 2 open a file .bin and yea can any 1 help me

  • jez

    hi harry, with regard to your question, read this box on how to get things done the easy way (it is a link to the specific part on this site where it is explained), I recommend reading through things next time :)

  • Lillian

    wanted to thank you for this website, I have spent the past 4-5 hours looking for free downloads for the V3i with no luck until now,I dont know how I happened upon your site,but here I am. I bought the phone for a friend of mine,the tools c.d. was supposed to be included in the package,but alas it was not,,,we have’nt tried downloading this yet,so I will have to get back to you on this and let you know what happens,,

  • Alex

    Thanx a lot for putting up the software, i’ve purchased an unlocked motorola v3i razr, i downloaded the 14 files and followed ur intructions and now it worked…

  • justin

    Thanks for posting the Phone Tools files. I downloaded the 14 RAR’s and WinRAR as well. Right clicked on teh first one and set it to extract the files. It asked for the password so I pasted in the bar and got 2 failures (bin and cue) suggesrting that the password was wrong.. Any help?


  • justin

    UGH. Ignore the last post. I keyed it again (instead of pasting) and it worked fine. That’s what I get for being lazy. ;)

    Thanks again.

  • justin

    Sorry, I’m an idiot. First tried burning the data to disc, too large (722Mb). Then re-read and found the option in Nero for burning the image. Only the cue showed up as an option so i selected that one. Burn speed is set high but cannot find an options list in Nero to bump it down. Anyone had this problem?


  • http://aman_harsh2007 aman harsh

    motorazr is quiet loving!

  • lichix

    hi im downloading the 14 files but the 13 one it doesnt work. can you help me with that? thanks

  • Pluto4791

    Great Post – your instructions were spot. Thanks for taking the time and trouble to upload the software.

  • chetan
  • Arun

    I Have Downloaded the File 14.36mb But the file is encrpted. So how can i use the file. plz can any one tell how to decrpyt the .rar file which i have downloaded.

  • jez

    all of the files are encrypted. If you read the entries on this pages before (above) and all the information, you would know that the files (all 14) are password protected.

    You need to download all 14 files and enter the password “” (this domain). You need a program called winrar to extract the files. I hope this helps.

    Read through the “guide for rocket scientists” above, it is all there, just a matter of how much time you spend on this page to read through things.

    I must admit, cooking a coffee is harder then doing all this mentioned above, but afterall you want something, so work for it, in this case – READ! :)

  • pere

    Thanks a lot, I have been looking forever to find these!!!

  • roberto

    cant download the files 1,8 and 9 from mirror 2, i tried more than 10 times , and mediafire its out of service, any suggestions????
    could you send them for me by email, at

  • jez

    ISH was so nice and uploaded them to, I have checked the links you mentioned – they are all working. there are currently no dead links. check out mirror 3 and see if that works out for you!

  • raen

    hi i was almost done installing the software but before it finished, the installer said it needs the ‘PbkInstall.dll’ file. i can’t find it. Thanks in advance!

  • Suro

    Hi, I can’t download the first part of the archive.

  • Suro

    Mirror 3: The first part link is broken

  • jez

    thanks for leaving your feedback, I will check it tomorrow!

  • jez

    they seem to be working on the other mirrors. try mirror one or two please!

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  • Kelly

    Hey! Thanks a bunch! seriously, there are so many sites out there who say they can help but can’t!……i was surprised at the fact that yours actually works!….great job my friend! …..we owe it to you!


  • jez

    a user reported that some files were damaged, I think it was kelly,
    can you please state what mirror you downloaded them from?
    I will have a look and check those, because it just gives me the creeps hearing that you download 600 somewhat mb just to be pissed!

  • Benjamin Angelo Ramos Aquino

    I would like to know where I can buy a network installation disc for motorola v3 phones. In which I can install it to my computer

    edit by jez:go to and look there. this site is about free things. if you would have taken the time to READ THROUGH all this, you would have realised that you GET THE ACTUAL CD after downloading and burning it.

  • kelly

    hey…..i downloaded just about every link on this website….and everything seemed like it was working until i tried to either open them or burn them……the cds actually install but they don’t work (the program is installed on the comp, but it will not start up because of some internal file problem, i tried to download the file from elsewhere and tried again but still didn’t work…)……as for teh two part cd, they won’t even start up…..i really think that what you’re doing is great, but i’m not too sure that the links work……….anyways, hope that it will work soon…..

    edit by jez: I will download the files myself again and test them myself. I hope this is just a personal problem and not a general one. yours. jez

  • kelly

    hey…..thanks for trying to fix it…anyways, for the whole cd (with mdm….), this is what the program says “the setup program failed to load…pbkinstall.dll”….and when you try starting it, it says “this application has failed to start because GRCONV.dll was not found”…..whatever that means….anyways, i’m trying to redownload all of the files…….by the way, i have nero, but the bin files don’t want to burn, and if they do, when you put the cd in, it just shows up as a file, not like a startup program or anything………..


  • kelly


    Will try the help section……THANKS though for this site, we all owe it to you, everyone will tell you that!………

  • jez

    I can only encourage you guys to check out, I put together some information, that might help you out.

    This is for all the folks out there who have problems getting the phone tools to run, or who have no degree in rocket science and fail to follow the simple instructions on the other site. Look at the screenshots below and realize that THIS is the real thing, it does work. If you receive any errors or dont get the screenshots similar to what is shown above, then you are very likely to have downloaded either the wrong files, or that they got corrupted while downloading. This may happen if you have a bad wireless network, or are at university or you are using dialup. Again I can only underline, that things do work. The files linked on this page are offered free of charge. And no support or whatever is given, as I am student and busy myself. Keep the internet and its content FREE! Don’t pay for something that you can get for free. I do own the original CD (twice!) as I got the motorola v3i mobilephone TWICE!

  • jez

    thanks for the kudos kelly, I hope it will work out. eddy was so nice to upload the files to a reliable host, so in case you cannot get the files from mediafire, head for the new mirror. I used the files from there for testing and can only again verify that it is working.

  • joe

    thnx now i have the software but am having problems during installation. it asks me to insert the disk with file. i think it’s asking for the multimedia manager. where do i go from here? thnx

  • Sherri

    I am having a slight problem! It says that I have the wrong password…Am I doing something wrong?

  • jez

    it is
    dont do a copy paste, just type it.
    I assure you, it does work :)
    edit: Seems like there is a bug after the last security patch where the combination of 4×3 is rendered as a strange x. I will fix that today.
    enter the domain name, dont copy and paste and it will work. sorry for the trouble

  • enrique mayorga

    The dowloaded rar files worked like a champ. THANK YOU. I bought the phone and the CD was defective. I coudl NOT get Motorola to poitn me to a download site for the software that I PAID for. Google and you guys to the rescue. Awesome. I hate Motorola web support.
    Thanks again

  • Mark

    Hey. Thanks for the info and support. I bought the phone from a friend who didn’t bother giving me the CD. I was surprised Motorola provided software upgrades but not the original CD content. But you rescued me…thanks!

  • Camilla

    Thank you so much for all the effort you’ve gone to! What a legend. I too seem to be having problems with the password, have typed it again and again and doesn’t want to work. Any suggestions?

  • Caroline

    hello download it and installed. It worked long enough to get a few pictures off my phone and then it Keeps saying that there is no “mobile connection” any clues? Anything would be helpful. I have removed it and reinstalled and it still wont work. I have a Motorola Razor V3. Thanks

  • jez

    Caroline, as written in my e-mail to you, this sounds pretty much like an individual problem with your PC or your operating system (windows?). If you could try out another PC, maybe a friends notebook or so and see if it worked. This way you can narrow down the cause. It can also be your cable. Sometimes my cell locks up and becomes dodgy as well. I then restart in order to get it back working. Best regards and good luck, yours jez

  • Brian

    Hey thanx for this but download motorola v3i phone tools part 13 has no file. This message comes up:
    The file you requested was removed for violating MediaFire’s Terms of Service or Acceptable Use Policy.
    Please fix this.

  • jez

    should be fixed, thanks to ish!

  • Caroline

    thanks it was the cable..

  • CCJ

    Hi, I’m trying to download some text messages onto my PC to keep incase they will be needed later on. What software do I need to have to be able to do this – I have a Motorola V3 phone?

  • jez

    Hi mate,
    just download the cd from this site
    and you should be fine.

    I use it myself, as written on the page and it does exactly what you need: receive and send txts from cell to pc and vice versa.

  • Anthony

    hi, like to thank you for the cd works great.. i have one problem … i have a v3 razor with an 08.26 boot loader. i ‘ve been to every site posible to try and find one and all i get is programs that cannot be translated to my razr cause is not detected please can you help me please

  • Dustin

    Tryed the 14 downloads didn’t work for me so I did the 2 part cd and it is missing the vebturi.exe file can’t find it anywhere

  • jez

    anthony: I am not sure what you mean, can you be more precise? I am not really into translations.

    dustin: why did the 14 files not work for you? were they down? as I see it there are loads of mirrors and you can easily get them. where do you fail? please provide more details and I might be able to help you.

  • Anthony

    the thing is that i want to unlock my cell phone… it’s a suncom v3 razr … and i have a cingular sim card i downloaded the 14 downloads made the cd but i can’t unlock it cause of the subsidy password … i want to use my razr with the cingular (two year contract) that i have. i tried everything downloaded everything and still nothing. but the cd, it worked fine… but not for what i was hhoping for … any suggestions please i’m desperate

  • qute

    i cldnt get thur with all the steps. wat can i do about dat.

    edit by jez: You could first of all try to be more precise, let go the spelling, I don’t mind. What is your problem? It does not take a degree in rocket science to get it running :) Maybe you are better of buying the CD if you cannot follow these simple steps or the pictured walk through available at

  • Ed

    Part 13 in your first list is a link to sharepilot, all the others are mediafire. Sharepilot is asking for a key, which you do not provide.

  • Ed

    ok, thanks for the quick response. I was getting a red “X” (image file not found) where the key was supposed to be. Sounds like a problem with the sharepilot site. I downloaded file 13 from the second list, remaned it appropriately and it extracted fine. I’m burning the CD now.
    Thanks a million.

  • jez

    there is no key to provide ed, the key is the image in the box to the left to the area where you enter the key.

    it is nothing special but a dynamically generated catcha security check.
    seems like 167 people downloaded it already, so if this file does not work for you mate, try another mirror!

  • Sam

    It appears that a lot of the sites that you keep your files on automatically delete if no action for the last 90 days or so.

    All the motomdm files appear to be affected by this. Also the Rapidshare files.

    Keep up the good work, if it wasn’t for people like you, we would have to pay for stuff that should be free.

    On another note, I downloaded all 14 parts from Mirror 3 (Our Network Nazi’s keep blocking sites as they see fit). Correct me if I am wrong, but do I have to rename the files from the Tinyload site to be similar to the rest of the Tornado site files? As I tried this and couldn’t get the Winrar to fuully expand all the files. It kept coming up with unexpected end of file errors.

  • jez

    hi sam,
    as written in my e-mail to you: I have checked the files and could not verify that they are broken. nevertheless I organized the files from mirror 1+2 to be mirrored by three other different hosts. Please see list three for those mirrors. I am not sure how long those will last, so be sure to grab your copies. Those files are definitely working and you should not have any problems when extracting. The files in doubt were part1, part8 and part9. Hope I have been of help. Never mind the renaming, winrar should be smart enough :)

  • ethan

    I’m a bit computer illiterate but do you have to download all the files including the mirrors so the total to download is 42? then unzip them all, then burn as an image onto a CD R?
    Sorry for the inconvenience

  • jez

    hi mate,
    you only need to download 14 files from one mirror of your choice so you got part1 till part14.rar (might be name differently from mirror to mirror).
    unrar them (winrar) then open nero and select “burn image” or “select file”.
    then select the cue file and burn it.

    do not drag the bin file over the cd to burn it. this wont work.

    good luck and also look at the help section, there is a link on the article footer.


  • Cynider

    A millions of thanks to jez and the others~~Really appreciate that~Good luck everybody all the best~

  • jez

    You are welcome, thanks for the kudos!

  • Andrew

    this is compatible for windows xp right? because when I was installing it, it said it wasn’t passed for my operating system and I don’t want to risk installing it. If you did write this somewhere already, sorry I didn’t see it. Help would be appreciated

  • jez

    hey andrew, the software is compatible with windows vista (which I run) and windows xp (which I also run). no worries about the warning. thanks for feedback and good luck, let me know about any updates, jez

  • Andrew

    thanks a lot for the help jez

  • christillian

    Loads of help thanks!!!!!

  • Shanna

    Worked perfectly…appreciate it!

  • Nickel

    I have a Macbook the daemon tool is for windows and my pc will not open the downloaded files any suggestions

  • jez

    hi, I believe this wont work for MAC, since it is a windows application.
    nevertheless you can try to burn the files on a mates pc using windows and then try the cd out on your mac.

    good luck, and sorry for not being able to respond more in detail; I am not a mac user (yet, promised)

  • chris gueulette

    i am stuck on one part of loading it in i am missing
    AddonsInfGeneric_Serial_DriverMotoMdm.inf if could you pleae contact me so i coulf get that done it would very much apreciative thank you very much

  • Bill

    Worked like a charm! Looked through many BS sites and garbage before finding you. Thanks!

  • jez

    you are welcome, glad to be of help

  • adz

    The link to part 9 of 14 from is not working, I was able to download 1-8 and 10-14. Any idea how I can get part 9?

  • jez

    hi mate, for me link 9 of the first mirror returns just fine:
    and so do the others.
    incase you cannot get them from this mirror, try another one, good luck and please report back!

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  • jr

    hi ive downloaded all the 14 parts of the installation cd, i got the nero burning rom,
    what should i do with the BIN and CUE file again?
    should i combine them both in nero burning images like BIN and CUE?
    step by step procedure would be appreciated, thanks…..

  • jez

    mate, look at please. btw. the link is up there, as well.

  • Jay

    Great help, Thank you for the software. Had problems when I downloaded it from mediafire with the part 13 so I used eddy’s files (Divshare) and then updated the software and works perfect. Thanks a lot for your help!!!

  • Kirlgeo

    Hi palls,

    It spen a lot of time to find this software for Motorola. This company has worst support what I have ever seen.
    So, big thank you!
    I’m voting with two hands!

  • n3o

    Man I finally found MPT!! Thanks for sharing… I’ll do the same

  • Vala

    Thanks a ton….been of IMMENSE help!

  • geko

    Thanks for shareing this, very usefull!!!!!!!! No comment on Motorola’s way to see the internet age.

  • kevin

    part 13 is linked to a different site requiring a key and i cannot get to eddy’s files—HELP please

  • jez

    if it says “enter key and download” or anything, you have to type in the four letters that appear in the box next to it.
    also, the other mirrors seem to work, too.

    let me know when you run into any trouble and always include an URL so that I can check it myself. thanks

  • dim

    Same problem as kevin. On;ly when When I enter key it brings me back the same screen (Please wait while we are preparing your file). It is a loop that goes nowhere.

  • jez

    hey dim, what about the other mirrors?
    anyway it seems like you are right, I am also now getting the loop. really annoying! I will drop eddy a mail to help me out. as you know my internet connection is rather unstable and I cannot be bothered uploading 600mb with 100s of reconnects and failures.
    either use a different mirror or if you are lucky I will have a brand new list of mirror available by Sunday evening.

  • Intimidater67

    I just wanted to thank you for the program!!! I have a question for you though… What do you do with all of the other files (1-14) that I have downloaded? Thanks for your time.

  • jez

    hey intimidater67,
    read the part on this page titled “How-to get things done (easy guide)” for those who have no degree in rocket-science.
    in short: you need to unpack them, then burn it, voil

  • Intimidater67

    I should have been more clear I guess, what I meant was…. I downloaded all fourteen files. unpacked the first file using winrar. and then burnt the (ISO) to a cd using nero. After doing that the program works (except for the muti media aspect of the program which I found out that my motorola V3M is still locked or “disabled” from my service provider so they can charge me to use their mutimedia), so my question is what are the other thirteen files for? Thanks for your time and for quick response greatly appreciated!!!

  • jgavan101

    The original file was split into 14 rar files. The rar program will combine them back into the original file. That’s why all the other 13 files are needed. It needs to be split since most share site can accomodate up to 50MB only. So the files were divided into 14 files of ~50MB each and uploaded to the share sites. Hope this helps.

    Thanks for the file. I need this badly too.

  • jez

    thanks jgavan101 for explaining it to her,
    I really appreciate my visitors to be so communicative and responsive. Especially when I am busy and cannot reply within 24hours. Hope this clears up your question Intimidater67

  • Intimidater67

    Hey Thanks alot. I didn’t realize that winrar combined all 14 into 1. Thanks again!!! Now I just have to find out how to unlock my phone. Intimidater67

  • Masum

    Would someone pls tell me how would i increase sound of motorola v3i?



    reply by jez: no sorry I don’t know anything about games or additional software.

  • Kiuball

    I appreciate you taking your time to do this. But is this only for the v3i? Will this work on the other RAZR’s (like mine v3)?

  • jorge henao

    Hello I am trying to create the cd for motorola razr phone, but the password is not working. Could you help me?

  • TRaGiC

    hey, iv finished downloading the 14-part files…when i extracted it, it says wrong password (I put the password:

  • jez

    tragic, I am sorry for the trouble, but we have had this before:
    it’s the domain name, have you typed an x and not copied it?

    if you downloaded it from this site, then the pw is the domain.

  • TRaGiC

    i did copy the password…and i did typed it correctly thhe second time i tried…still, wrong password was displayed after extracting te 14-part rar files :(
    -this is the error btw: ! CRC failed in the encrypted file Motorola Phone Tools.BIN (wrong password ?)

  • TRaGiC

    owkees jez, maybe you’re right..i’ll just download it again..thanks! =]

  • jez

    tragic mate, I have nothing from linking and telling you about files with wrong passwords. trust me, loads of people load this and it works. you might have gotten a corruption while downloading. bite the bitter apple and redownload it from another mirror and the password will work. also if you download them all at once, your dsl is very likely to corrupt files (typically for CRC error). hope this helps. I am out for the weekend

  • west cebu

    thanks for sharing mobile phone tools
    the links are still active, good share

  • zel

    hi! is the software compatible with a v3, not a v3i motorola phone? i’m looking for a motorola phone tools software for my v3 because i lost my cd and my camera freezes. so i guess i have a big problem…

  • drewberry

    hi! is this compatible with motorola razr v3xx? thanks.

  • jez

    drewberry, zel, I think the software should be okay with v3 mobiles.
    You can get this software for free, so if in doubt, just download it and see if it works or not.
    I can confirm that it is working on Motorola RAZR V3i!

  • zel

    thanks jez…

  • MB

    wicked as havent tried it yet but good share thanks.

  • sean

    Dude, you rock.
    I was in a same mess (lost me CD) and could not find anything. Not even a link in the Motorola site.
    THANKS heaps!


  • Amol Kumar”

    thnx, for sharing software, i also in same mess.

  • Amol Kumar

    good dude,
    its working

  • Assassin

    Nice rip thanks to the buyer/hacker :P

  • muzzyy


    thanks a lot. i hav tried to run the software on vista but it shows some error. can u pls tell me if this version of motorola phone tools is compatable with vista or i need to have win xp first to run this application..

    Thanks once again for this nice tool

  • MT

    Just wondering how to make the Name appear instead of mobile number when using SMS ??

  • Matoes

    U are 2 cool! Not knowing I told boss his wifes new Moto KRZR k1 will have her Nokia’s contact and I sure would do it. Little I knew I would press (350*2) clicks to transfer contacts. till I saw you. U saved my soul and pay(4sure). Thanks a lot! Keep up I agree with you.

  • Kaushik

    Thanks a lot.
    You Rock………………………

  • terry

    i downloaded all 14 files for the razor and when i went to extrract them it says password invalid and that i need number 11 but i have 11 downloaded already and i used the passwrod you said on the page…….any help?

  • jez

    hey, your question has already been answered in the comments already, but I will paste it for you once more:

    mate, I have nothing from linking and telling you about files with wrong passwords. trust me, loads of people load this and it works. you might have gotten a corruption while downloading. bite the bitter apple and redownload it from another mirror and the password will work. also if you download them all at once, your dsl is very likely to corrupt files (typically for CRC error). hope this helps. I am out for the weekend

    hope this works and good luck,
    let me know,

  • Guy

    The password “www.h4×” does not work for me, I’ve downloaded the 14 RAR files as well as the full RAR and the password is refused by both. Has anything changed?

  • jez

    no mate, nothing changed.
    do not copy and paste the password, wordpress might screw things up.
    sometimes the combination of 4×3 is turned into 4 (fancy multiply sign) 3.
    the password is this domain’s name as seen in the address bar (www.h four x three

  • KernelKoder

    Thanks a lot brother! I got what I wanted for my Razr ;)
    thanks a ton

  • Tobalo

    Really Really Thank you!!!!! You’ve saved my life XD =D

  • Mohamed

    The Password for Motorola Razr v3i Software and v3i USB Driver is Incorrect , after i have spend alot of time downloading these files , the password is incorrect , please supply the correct password

  • jez

    mohamed, believe it or not the password is as it says, it is (type it, dont copy)

    I can only repeat myself: there is no benefit for me to give you wrong or faulty stuff.
    take it or leave it, it is for free and I spent a good time collecting and arranging this page.

  • guy

    I had the same problem as Mohamed. However, what is strange is that I copied the exact files to a different computer and eveything worked perfect yet they still won’t work on the other machine. There has to be something making the password seem incorrect, when it isn’t, on the one machine.

  • XO

    Merci. pour votre supporte.

  • Rohit

    Please tell me how to install softwares & themes in Motorazr V3i step by step.

  • Stephen Knight

    Thanks a ton. After searching for over an hour through tons of scam sites and pay-per-download, I finally found what I needed here. I’m sure there are tons of people that owe you thanks for putting this together (and the rapid shares were perfect!)

  • jez

    thanks for the kudos, glad it worked for you! have a nice NYE!

  • Damian

    Thanks a million jez, worked like a dream. No probs with the password. Happy endings and new beginnings!

  • jez

    glad it worked out and happy new year to you ;) )

  • CJ

    Just wanted to say thank you for all the time you have taken to put this together. It took me a day to fool around downloading the shortcuts, then when that didn’t work – all 14 files but it was worth it.
    Thanks again…

  • Atsuke

    WHY DO YOU GUYS ROCK??!! You’re so awesome!



  • earpick

    Thanks so much dude. I cannot stand the eBay sellers selling this at ridiculous prices. Same goes for printed PDFs of manuals that you can find online. Big props.

  • jez

    @earpick: you are welcome! Always a pleasure to help out people with stuff that should be free

  • Louis

    Thankz bro,
    just like the others….prices are too high for me.
    I really needed THIS.


  • jez

    @Louis: you are welcome, thanks for stopping by

  • jez

    @DonYan: thanks for your long and detailed reply, always great to help people out!

  • luis


  • donyan

    Hello all:

    V3: YES, it works perfectly with this files. The download is easy, but Moto rogram IS NOT EASY to learn/handle.!!! The program runs FLAWLESSLY, but the things “asumed” the user should know…and are not covered by MOTO. (with windowsXP OS: the legend sas those problems are not happening with Mac/apple OS…the design of the V3 follows Mac laps design all the way to the outside MOTO logo…the macDonald’s logo with points added. I like it very much, very handy and a beauty: not critisizing but describing)

    My problem started when conecting another V3 for file/phone book transfer…even had to vchange USB conection.

    Then in my net conections (on my PC) I had the normal LAN wireles 2wire conect, plus 6 MORE; 3 throught Intel phone modem, and 3 more through Motorola modem.

    The program, when asked more than one step at a time, FREEZES. Then, no way you reconect the V3, unless you change user or USB, or both actions, and message is “your phone is not covered by this program files” and all kinds of missleads!!!

    All I had to do, was disconect, turn the V3 off, restart the PC and turn on the V3. Then conect (one blip/turulú from PC, one acute BLING! from V3, and it starts charging. Then open the Motorola Phone Tools program, and everything works again.

    I know, everybody knows this simple tricks: NOT ME!!! so for other ignoramus like me, I contribute my experience.

    Now, QUESTIONS: I have prepaid card (in mexico=telcel, amigo system) and cant send SMS or MMS to my phone through the PC (2wire portal, prodigy/MSN in México) so I (myPC) lack something…but troug USB I can do everything.

    It does not show on my PC menu, one just has to open the Moto Ph Tools…and then you get a menu. Don’t conect the internet menu, as it will conect throug the World wireless net (using the V3 as modem, charging the conect to your moto): EXPENSIVE!!! 5 minutes here, are +$13.oo US dollars…but for reporters (like BBC reporters embeded on Irak invasion) its an incredible tool: BBC pays the conect bill…

    Then I had to download a Demo for video files compatibility: Motorola Media Studio DEMO (or buy the whole rigamarole) Some videos are translated into media code, some say I lack a code or cab or something (I am new to all these “user friendly” complications)

    I’ll come back with more as I handle it better.

    A big hug from Mexico, donYan

  • arasu

    i need complete download of Moto v3i MPT ( mobile phone tools)

  • jez

    @arasu: mate, download the one offered on this page and try it out. Afterall it is free, so.. ?

  • Tbear263

    Alert if you have a RAZR V3xx do not update past any version of 4.. Version 5 has an issue and will not reconize any V3xx phones. Thanks for the DL of the full version. I too own the software but it was at my office and this helped alot after getting screwed by Version 5

  • heather

    I downloaded and installed your motorola phonetools installer only (76mb)
    i already had a driver from another source. But the program doesn’t include the multi media studio part. do I need to download more from the CD? which part? I want to transfer files from phone to pc.

  • jez

    @Tbear263: thanks for the notice!

  • Fred

    Thanks ever so much for this!

  • Renato Rodic

    Great program. Thanks

  • JC

    I waited the 30 minutes to DL the executable :) It was worth it. Thanks for sharing.

  • jez

    @JC: hey JC, thanks for your reply, I thought the rapidshare ones did not use a time-wait anymore?

  • Justin

    Thanks very much, well instructed.. Much obliged. Do you perhaps no much about modding? I was hoping to get into that.

  • jez

    @Justin: Hey Justin, unfortunately there are many kinds of modding, but when you are thinking of cellphone modding, I am sorry to say that I know crap at all ;) – However I read some sites that offer great help on that.

  • Doulos

    Thanks so much Jez for the DL… I tried to email you, but email returned failed… You may want to update you email at bottom of site…

    Thanks again, dude!!! Best of success with your studies… :)

  • jez

    @Doulos: thanks mate! did you try jez @ this domain ? of course “this domain” has to be “” , so you’d end up using jez @ h… (or simply use the contact form), always great to connect and meet new people. keep in touch, jez

  • http://yahoo DEREJE-S

    I need driver soft ware of motorola

  • jez

    @DEREJE-S: download them? it’s all here

  • kiransachdeva

    wat should i do 2 conect internet on my laptop through motorola v3i.i hv d internet connection of airtel.i hv download software 4om motorola phone it shows it is nt update.plz give me suggestion.

  • jez

    @kiransachdeva: no idea, sorry mate.

  • yannice pana

    i enjoy motorola i love the phone so i want to download the software…

  • themneks

    i have just downloaded and installed the Motorola phonetools installer (76MB)and it really works.thanks a lot pal now i can upload my photos.

  • Care

    Thank you! This program rocks and you made it so easy to install!

    So glad you could help me out. I no longer have to email my photos to myself. Haha

    Thanks again!

  • RezN8

    Worked like a charm, many thanks!

  • Tobias

    I really appriciate that you offer such a useful Software here. Although it takes me lots of time, it indeed works successfully and competely. Finally I can use it to work with my cell phone. You really give me a big favor anyway!! I must say, thank you so much, bravo!! ^_^

  • jez

    @Tobias: you are welcome

  • Marco

    hey there, this thing makes me think of NOT buying any motorola phones ever again, tyvm, ´preciate it ;-)

  • Oscar

    Hey! Thanks a lot! I really needed this software to back up my data and also transfer data. God Bless You!!

  • NOMY

    I can only encourage you guys to check out, I put together some information, that might help you out.

    This is for all the folks out there who have problems getting the phone tools to run, or who have no degree in rocket science and fail to follow the simple instructions on the other site. Look at the screenshots below and realize that THIS is the real thing, it does work. If you receive any errors or dont get the screenshots similar to what is shown above, then you are very likely to have downloaded either the wrong files, or that they got corrupted while downloading. This may happen if you have a bad wireless network, or are at university or you are using dialup. Again I can only underline, that things do work. The files linked on this page are offered free of charge. And no support or whatever is given, as I am student and busy myself. Keep the internet and its content FREE! Don’t pay for something that you can get for free. I do own the original CD (twice!) as I got the motorola v3i mobilephone TWICE!

  • http://NONE Jordan

    Wow thanks for this my dad was so mad he could not get his pics off his phone :)
    I used Rapidshare the only bad thing is that you can only download 1 file every 15 min. Owe well thanks :0

  • jez

    @Jordan: you are welcome jordan

  • venkat

    I need the OS software for Motorola V3i can some one help me

  • jez

    think there is nothing like that. you can always vmware or crossover

  • sarah

    lost the CD for my pink razr so im downloading this. fingers crossed it works.

  • jez

    you are welcome.

  • Margeory

    K, Im gonna download this thng, but I’m not sure if I read that its gonna work on a MAC computer.. I am totally computer illiterate and hope I dont get lost somewhere in the process cuz all those abreviations are already makin my head spin… thing is unless I hear from someone sayin it does work on a mac then Im never gonna know if I did something wrong when I get it goin.. eeekkk… well, here goes…

  • Margeory

    oops forgot a letter in my email response so if you’ve anything to respond to my previous message please respond to it here… THANX ;o)

  • Margeory

    I am wondering if this works on a mac computer? Im not very comp literate but really need to get this phone onto my comp somehow… also need to be able to charge it from the comp as the oher charger the wires are broken & I dont want to buy a new one of those either when this should wrk to plug it into the computer…

  • jez

    Margeory, I sent you an email a few minutes ago explaining how you would be able to run windows tools on your mac.
    you can use vmware to run windows within your os x on mac.
    I read you are not very computure literature, so I guess this is not of great help, is it?
    In plain english: you will not be able to run the tools on a mac without some additional magic.
    you should though be able to connect your razr just fine to your mac and get the images off using the finder.
    You can also charge it like that.
    I do so all the time on my mac with os x 10.5.5 (leopard).
    have a nice one,

  • farfan

    Hello people, Is everyone OK?
    This is a rather large bit to read all.
    Can anyone guide me.
    All I want to do is to connect my Motorola V3i with my PC.
    I already have bought a datacable.
    And they send me a Link to download MPT as well, but that doesn’t work.
    I seem to need a CD-ROM.
    Can anyone help me please.
    Please reply.

  • jez

    just get the single file link (MPT) of rapidshare and you should be fine ;)

  • farfan

    Hello Jez, thank you for your reply.
    Now, how do I get: “the single file link (MPT) of rapidshare”?
    And where can I get it from?
    Let me know how to start.
    Thank you

  • farfan

    Hello Jez, I did click on the link. And at this very moment I already have downloaded 30% of that file. So, when the download will be complete (after 38 minutes from now), will I need some kind of a code or password before I can install the software on my PC?

  • farfan

    Hello Jez,
    The 76 MB download from rapidshare is almost complete now.
    But I don’t understand why the other links (4 times 14 parts!!!) are mentioned in your text as well? I mean is the download of the full-install CD (which is 76 MB) not enough?

  • jez

    hello there,
    you would go and get the first link on this page from rapidshare, the file – this will sort you out

  • jez

    the single link will sort most people out,
    however if people want the “FULL” cd, they would get the rar files, unrar and burn the files onto cd to “mimik” their CD.

    the idea was to help out those people that lost their CD to get a new CD without having to buy some scam shit/crap on ebay or other websites.

    if the single link file works out for you, consider yourself a lucky panda ;)

  • farfan

    Hello Jez, it really works now. Thank you for your help. Like you said, the single that you gave me was enough to download the program MPT which then I installed on to my PC. But what I still do not understand is what the purpose is of those 14 parts????? However you are very good at these things. I read that you live in London. But that would mean that your education in Venlo is completed?

  • jez

    Hey farfan,
    I have just moved back from London a week ago and will continue my studies in the Netherlands.
    Reminds me to change the notice on the bottom page, thanks for pointing that out.

    RE: the 14 files, some people prefer to have the original CD rather than the one file solution. The different mirrors were provided by different people to make sure that once some files get removed people are still able to get it else-where. hope that explains the situation?

  • Geoff

    Once extracted the bin files are too large to burn to CD.If I select cue file that is all that ends up on the CD.I use ASHAMPOO BURNING STUDIO 6.I HAVE EXTRACTED THE FILES USING WINZIP 12.0.The reason I’m looking to use this software is when I install from the CD that came with the phone it will not install all files and the programme doesn’t run.Any suggestions?

  • Geoff

    I have just extracted the files using WINRAR and have the same problem.The extracted bin file size is 720MB?

  • Geoff

    Apologies,got it figured out by using a differnt part of the burning software programme.I still have the same problem with this software though.It doesn’t install entirely and will not run.Oh well!

  • Geoff

    Thanks jez,I have the CD but thought it may be corrupted in some way.Once inserted the autorun begins and several warning popup on driver signing which I continue anyway.At the end of the install a popup appears ” GRCONV.dll not found” the first time this appared the message with it said that reinstallation should fix the problem.It didn’t.Next I searched for the dll in the install CD copied it to desktop the installed it in the programme file it was missing from.I did this because after trying to launch MPT a stop screen appeared saying another dll wasn’t located.Next time I tried to run the app another stop screen with a different unfound dll appeared.I then decided to uninstall MPT and look for another finding this site.The same error occurs at install finalising.I went to the BVRP website initially “no real help except a tool that removes programme traces that could influence future installs which I have used in case that past installs could cause problems”B4 here.I have a RAZR V3X it came with MPT 4.0.4b CD. I can’t think of any reason it doesn’t work but I will try the shorte version.Thanks for your concern and assistance,Geoff

  • jez

    Geoff, whats the error it spits out?
    Else, you may want to try the mpt file mentioned one or two comments above (also first link on this post).
    It’s a bit bizare that it does not work for you, maybe we can figure this out?

  • Geoff

    The shorter programme has worked perfectly.Very thankful for your assistance.Thankyou jez

  • jez

    glad to be of help, always great to see people can figure it out :)

  • Storko

    Thanks for the files, this is really helpful. I’ll be burning a CD soon!

  • Storko

    I downloaded the 14 files from Rapid Share, burned a CD, and installed the Phone Tools. Everything works perfect. Thanks again for the helpful share.

  • Tamra Skibsted

    Jez, you are awesome! Having had broken my screen last summer, I’ve been using my phone without the ability to see anything.

    Now after purchasing a new phone, it was going to be daunting task putting in all of contacts all over again. (and even harder for the ones that never got written down!)

    Kudos to you for your kind responses to those that did not take the time to read the post. I was able to finish reading just at the download finished. I used the first link for the full file and had no problems. Also, FYI once you run the exe file, the update takes about as long to download as well.

    It works like a charm and I”m excited that I got my Moose Pictures from Jan ’08 off my phone that I had taken when it was in my yard during a snow storm. I thought for sure it was lost forever until using this program.

    I agree with several of the others that apps like these should be free when you pay such a price for cell phones now-a-days. Cheers to you!

  • jez

    Hello there,
    much appreciate your detailed comment and good luck with your Web sites ;)

  • Rakesh

    Hi I was so excited to finally find software for my phone. But I got errors on part 6 and part 14. The message said “incorrect password”. All others were able to process. Am I missing something.

  • Rakesh

    Hi I think I found the problem : I downloaded both rar files again. Then I tried two different passwords and The latter worked fine. Thanks a lot.

  • AlainCh

    Just tried to download, no way from any mirror.
    Not even one part file ….
    A question : What am I doing WRONG !!!
    :-) =

    AlainCh ( perplexed

  • jez

    hello mate,
    as far as I can tell the rapidshare mirrors work, also the one file link works.

  • Mike

    Hey there! Thanks for the Motorola download tips – it worked first go and got me out of a spot! Many thanks. Mike

  • Amit

    I downloaded all the 14 files from rapidshare link & when I am trying to extract with Password “” upto 2 files are extracting ….then the “CRC failed in Tools.BIN & Tools.CUE (wrong password?)” error message is coming . . .
    but while trying with “” it extended upto 6 rar file but again I am getting the error : “CRC failed ….”

    Can u tell me the exact Password for rapidsharee link…???

  • Juancookies

    Well the rapidshare links work but to download as free user is almost imposible( I wouldn’t finish in this year) so I’d like you reload or reupload the Mediafire’s files/links beacuse is the only one that works well.

  • Sriram

    password is fine. dont copy paste the password, typing in is working fine. Thanks for the software again :)

  • Nira

    Hi gud one

  • jez

    thanks for this comment sriram!

  • jez

    are the mediafire links not working anymore?

  • eris

    my hard drive crashed, and with it all my installers. i couldn’t find my mpt installer cd and found out that the mpt software is “for sale” for over $40 in many sites.

    thank you very much for posting the file in the net for free. i installed it smoothly in my new drive.

    MAY YOUR “KIND” multiply in number geometrically around the planet.

  • tycoon

    ty..long time i find & now i got it,thk u very much..

  • neil


    Used the Motorola phonetools installer from the link given. Absolute perfection.

    Thanks Neil

  • http://[email protected] benkovics iosif

    good !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jhon

    Its really fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • NoTWorking

    the Password is NOT CORRECT


      it is, just type it in, do not copy from the page itself (the x gets turned into some funny character, this is why)


  • dave

    thanks for your info……but can u help with following..

    recovering deleted photos from the razor internal

    memory…not the removable sd ,, thats straight

    forword..but get em back from the onboard memory


  • maricris

    how can i get the subsidy password for my motorola phone v8,,i cant use my phone because it ask for the subsidy lock,,

    plz help me,,,tnx

  • Jabs

    hi there!

    i am having problem with the program, it can’t read my phone it says it does not support the phone connected. any idea about this?

  • omeil wilson

    u will be hearing often now.

  • Andrew M

    Very good thanks

  • wale


  • j beard

    can’t get it working the information given is that the password is not correct

  • Anthony

    Hi thanks for uploading the full CD, had no problems burning the CD I have Nero, so I just right clicked the cue file and then open. I did notice a few rars missing, but that could be down to my provider, so I started d/l from RS, but only one file at a time can be done, so MF was ok but some files missing and the Miscellaneous mirrows worked best because I could d/l 4 files at a time.

    Great work

  • Shauna

    You are a gem. Many thanks ;o)

  • rezzouq

    thanks dear, i have just download and install the motorolla phone tools 76 MB that you given and it work for my mobile v3i thanks sir :)

  • santino

    you are god!!! motorola really has sold their customers down the river…thanks a bunch

  • anmol

    my motorazr v3i does not work properly….when i switch it on..after 2-3 seconds it attomatically swichts off..

  • Dankeschön

    danke fürs sharen, entpacken ging aber nur mit “” instead of “”.

    Echt traurig wie mies der support bei motorola ist. An unübersichtlichkeit ist deren seite ja kaum zu übertreffen, ständig wird ein neues tab geöffnet und man landet letztendlich bei MotoCast – ein programm – welches dann letztendlich auch nicht mit dem mobiltelefon funktioniert.

    • Julian Klewes

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