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Julian Klewes, digital brand strategist, published this article 6 years ago

Written by Julian Klewes

27 y/o Digital Native with a cum laude degree in International Business, Management, Marketing and Controlling, with hands on experience in both Agency and Corporate worlds.

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Table of Contents:

  1. Introduction
  2. Order a Domain at Godaddy (detailed step-by-step guide)
  3. Finding and entering a Promo Code (safe bucks in no time)
  4. Zone.net Enterprise Hosting introduced (Quality VPS that work)

1. Introduction

I wrote this guide in order to help all those people that are confused by Godaddy’s spammy clustered Website.
There are some options you might want to click and others that you surely do not want.
In short, I wrote up an idiot-safe guide on “how-to-order a domain at Godaddy”.
After guiding you through the steps of ordering a domain I will shortly explain the so called “promo codes”, list some of the best that I collected over the weeks and then finish-off with a quick introduction of zone.net, the Linux people that keep this site running. Their Enterprise Hosting solutions are flexible and easily adaptable and priced. Even-though they do not list any promo codes on the net, I was able to sneak some out for you.

Update: Yay, I got featured on consumerist.com – thanks for picking up my articles, it means a lot to me!

2. Order a Domain at Godaddy (detailed step-by-step guide)

I have created screenshots of the Godaddy website and greyed-out the unimportant and confusing parts.
A click on a thumbnail will open the full-site overview with boxes that will point out the important areas.
The most important boxes are shown in details within this post, but why not take a look below:

Okay, so first of all go to Godaddy.com if you are not at the moment. Using a browser with tabs is advised.


The main site of Godaddy is so crowded and confusing that I immediately wanted to leave again and register my domain elsewhere, but Godaddy is the industry leader for Domains in Northern America (they have the most domains registered for end-users like you and me). Also their prices are the lowest available on the internet. You are looking for an area where to enter the domain you want to register, look below the lady in leather. An close-up excerpt is added below.


Enter your desired domain name and select the extension in the field below “Domain Name Search:”.
Press “Go!” afterwards. You will be taken to a page that is going to tell you whether your desired domain is still available or not.



Well, in this case the domain “klew.es” is already taken. Surprise Surprise.
Look out for the area highlighted in the second box. It is a bit lower and titled “Search for another domain”.
Enter your domain name and press “Search”.

If you entered your desired domain directly, you will not get the screen above, but a “success screen”. It is listed below, please scroll down.

So you have entered your domain and it is available. Great! You will get a screen looking like the one below. I have selected the domain “some-cool-domain.com”, I know not quite creative, but it will do for now.



Yay, the domain is available, now let’s crush some confusion! Below the “(my domain) is available” you will find loads of options. Most of them will make no sense to you for now, and can be added later on. So ignore them unless you want to spend some extra money on stupid domains you are not going to use (most likely).

Scroll down the page till you real “continue”. It is kind of “hidden” below a long table of alternative domains and stupidity. See below screen excerpt for the position. I highlighted the box for you.



Click”Continue” to continue. You will get to a page with even more spam and uncool offers.
They say “STOP! You have found a great domain” – no doubt you have, but no need to throw stupid offers at us, is it? Scroll down till you see “YES…”, but DO NOT press it, select “NO-thanks, continue to check-out”, else you get even more spam. You might not want that. Again, see the highlighted boxes below.



You are almost done: A new page will open and ask you to input your personal information that is needed for the domain. See the below screen cap.


I have selected “make this purchase under my current Godaddy.com account”, but I could also have choosen to fill-in new registration information or selected “login to my account”.


Finally you reach the checkout options. This is where you get to select the contract length.
In most cases I select between 1 and 2 years. You get extra credit if you select longer periods. You can also specify whether you want to auto-renew your registration (you will get re-billed when the domain registration is about to run out) or do the paying manually the next time. Keep in mind that a longer registration period will generate a higher amount-due. Godaddy has some insane savings on amounts over 50$, but more under “promotion/promo codes” below.

Untick “customize my order”, and select “no, thanks, I am ready to checkout”. Press “continue” to get to the next page. You have not been charged or anything till now, so relax.


The next page you get to is interesting: here you get to see the full amount payable and an option to paste godaddy promo codes. Every code or change has to be “applied”. So once you pasted a promo code, press “apply code”. If you decide to change the registration length, be sure to press “update cart” (right side near “apply code”). A new amount due will show. Some promo codes work, others do not. Be sure to experiment with that for a few minutes. There is cash to be saved. Even with orders around 10$, you can save 30% and more. I just registered a domain yesterday and selected “private registration”: A promo code I found deducted 4$! Check chapter 2 (Promo codes) for Promo codes. I do not make money with promo codes, as I do not know how to issue them, but I have listed some that will safe you money!

Anyhow, select your payment option (paypal is available), accept their Terms of Service (TOS) and the Domain registration yadayada and press “checkout now”. Below is an detailed excerpt and even further below a screencap of the important areas.



Congratulations, you have successfully ordered a domain at Godaddy. Now was that easy?
Read about Promocodes for Godaddy that will safe you real money on at Page 2.

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