Spam'ed really bad today…

Julian Klewes, digital brand strategist, published this article 6 years ago

Written by Julian Klewes

27 y/o Digital Native with a cum laude degree in International Business, Management, Marketing and Controlling, with hands on experience in both Agency and Corporate worlds.

Interesting, tell me more about JK

no image, sorry
Got spam’ed really bad today, was Akismet down?
UPDATE: I installed “WP-SPAMFREE” and modified some files to cover this spam-issue. Seems to work out now – getting some 10 spams a day vs. 120 spams a day
  • monkey

    but how do you know if it’s working(WP-SPam Free)? ok no spam! other indicator’s? im a monkey forgive the naivety!

  • jez

    it works out of the box – the trackback spam and bot spam has decreased from 35+/hour to less than 5 in the last eight hours.
    p.s. I like monkeys!

  • Lady

    (Monkeys are evil.)

    I know this has nothing to do with this post, but I wanted to tell you that I made a button of your name a while back and forgot to let you know.! I made it for the old theme I used of yours, when I went button crazy.

    I thought that you might want to take it.. Which is fine because it is your name afterall!

    And, in case that doesn’t work, you can find it here:

  • monkey

    I thought I was the monkey here :) Wheres my banana…. sorry button

    Sorry Jez is this classed as comment spam :)

    Great themes btw but no monkeys :(

  • jez

    hey lady, that is very nice of you, but the link does not work and returns a 403 :(
    I am curious to see it! cheers
    edit: found it at – thanks!

  • monkey

    Really have to concentrate when i have to answer these spam prevention questions :)

    I tried to monkey up my theme with an embedded image from deviantart but thats about as far as a monkeys design ability goes, but in short yes please monkey me a theme :)

  • jez

    do you want a monkey theme? I always wanted to have one!
    maybe you can propose some images for me to work around with?
    I like the chimp with the glock for instance, but he is a chimp and not a monkey.. :E does that matter?