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WordPress Themeviewer opened again

Hooray for WordPress to sort out the Theme misery after almost one and a half years – finally developers and users have one place to exchange their files again! Now [...]

WordPress 2.6 released – not upgrading for now?

Hello everyone, WordPress 2.6 has been released last night to public, now again many blog owners are facing the decision whether to upgrade instantly or not. If you are using [...]

Second Life competitor Google Lively

Check this out Lively < – If you are into Second Life (which I don’t digg so much, as can be read in my post "Why Second Life sucks"), you [...]

Technorati once more

edit: back to 72/100 again; that’s the 72nd most popular blog worldwide Grr – Technorati changed their algorithm again – former rank 70 (out of ten thousands of blogs?) klew.es [...]

What's up in June 2008

Hey folks, long time no updates; I am very sorry about the lack of news, but unfortunately I have been very busy with university projects. Thanks a lot for all [...]

h4x3d.com in Firefox 3

Someone left a comment today saying that the site looked shite in Firefox 3. I thought the coding was quite solid, so I checked via browsershots (.org) – seems like [...]

Javascript to "fix" IE5,6 and 7

Major find – check out http://code.google.com/p/ie7-js/ – basically it fixes many odd bugs that are annoying you as a visitor and developer of websites. E.g. the transparent png issue.. from [...]

Technorati tops 50,000 reactions for h4x3d.com

Just topped the 50,000 reactions for klew.es at Technorati. Actually I was amongst the top 100 blogs world-wide, however Technorati does not want to include me. Sad.

Alexa rating system has changed

Just today I saw that Alexa has changed their rating system – their official news announcement says that NOW more sources will be used to come to a rating, also [...]

Rapidshare.com premium account give-away

Got several spare accounts, don’t ask why, but all are legit, non-hacked, paid for accounts valid for 30 days each. I am not yet sure what I’d want for them, [...]