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SEO: WordPress Search with Permalink structure

Ever wondered how you could transfer any searches from ?s=TERM to /search/TERM , then read below or visit Alex King’s approach. This is too good to not report on, so [...]

xinu and me

I put up the source copy of xinu from xinu at my xinu page. so if you are into xinu and want to check your pagerank, backlinks, site validty, feel [...]

Changing Permalink structure (removing datestamp)

If you used the default permalink structure, you’d have something similar to: /%year%/%monthnum%/ %postname%/ now say you want to get rid of the dates (maybe seo-wise driven?) you’d have /%year%/%postname%/ [...]

Do Not Drop Your Web Site Off the Search Engine Cliff

If you’ve been feeling like Tom Cruise climbing up the side of some remote jagged mountain in the blazing hot sun and concerned you’re facing “mission impossible”, chances are you [...]