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Posterous is dead. Absorbing posts here? Oder mehr tumblr?

Posterous will shutdown by 30 April, download backups now and get moving, migrating – here are some options.

wp-admin/edit.php blank after high number set in wordpress screen options

Solution to get back to work (i.e. not have blank wp-admin/edit.php blank or error 500) is to set a lower value in WordPress Screen Options by logging into to phpmyadmin [...]

Wrong character encoding – Latin-1, UTF-8 data in MySQL

This article saved me quite some headache – also this is the cleanest solution of all. For several other workarounds, see Stackoverflow here. The solution that works was: mysqldump -h [...]

How to remove W3 Total Cache html comment in footer

I am not discussing whether it should be done or not, but just saying where to do it. W3 Total Cache is a great plugin and they surely deserve some [...]

WordPress Mu embed not working for youtube, input, code, etc.

Today I wanted to publish a real quick post about how to embed a paypal button into your wordpress post. A topic that has been covered many times elsewhere (if [...]

Adding a paypal button to your wordpress page

update: f§*king wordpress mu won’t let me enter tags in my posts. I have tried the wordpress RAW plugin and other filters, but still. more updates on this tomorrow -> [...]

Unable to find Akismet servers or The key below was previously validated but a connection to akismet.com can not be established at this time.

Seems like either my server’s DNS management is entirely bust or WordPress/Automattic/Akismet changed something their end, because as discussed yesterday in my cannot resolve downloads.wordpress.org and dashboard (RSS) empty post, [...]

Cannot resolve downloads.wordpress.org or WordPress Dashboard empty?

Cannot resolve downloads.wordpress.org ? You are not alone! I am running WordPress MU 2.8.4. and till today I have had no issues using the auto upgrade or auto update function [...]

How to harden your WordPress install (ssh)

I figured out how to harden wordpress using ssh and some common sense. I changed ownership (user) of the cache and uploads folder to apache by chown apache uploads chown [...]

WordPress 2.8-beta1-11402

Quite frankly I should rather be sitting down and study for the upcoming exams, but since I have been toying with my website redesign since October 2008 (last year, yes…) [...]