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This week I have been extensively working with WordPressMU and buddypress.org, pretty much setting up your own community sites with WordPress. Highly recommended (however I do dig their logo that [...]

WordPress 2.7 to be released tomorrow

Is tomorrow today already (from UK perspective?) – too lazy to do the maths right now, but anyway – personally I do not like WordPress 2.7 too much right now, [...]

The darkest is before dawn (I am not dead)

Dear everyone, sorry for the lack of updates and little activity. As you might have read I moved to London two weeks ago. As I am working full-time now (not [...]

WordPress Themeviewer opened again

Hooray for WordPress to sort out the Theme misery after almost one and a half years – finally developers and users have one place to exchange their files again! Now [...]

WordPress 2.6 released – not upgrading for now?

Hello everyone, WordPress 2.6 has been released last night to public, now again many blog owners are facing the decision whether to upgrade instantly or not. If you are using [...]

Technorati once more

edit: back to 72/100 again; that’s the 72nd most popular blog worldwide Grr – Technorati changed their algorithm again – former rank 70 (out of ten thousands of blogs?) klew.es [...]

WordPress 2.5 and chibby 404

I have just upgraded to WordPress 2.5 and run a plugin update check. Most of the plugins work, which is amazing! Some plugins (two out of 31) were outdated and [...]

CSS naked day (09-April)

http://naked.dustindiaz.com/ set it up three years ago. However I cannot live without CSS and decided not to participate this time.

WordPress Plugin Developers get little credit

Scott Reilly of coffee2code set out to try a 14 days of Plugins Challenge. In the past he has released various (great) wordpress plugins for free which he now tries [...]

Rainbow Feather in Japanese

I have fixed a bug in the English theme today (and all other themes) and also finished the Japanese theme version. You can try the demo on my themeviewer or [...]