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Written by Julian Klewes

27 y/o Digital Native with a cum laude degree in International Business, Management, Marketing and Controlling, with hands on experience in both Agency and Corporate worlds.

Interesting, tell me more about JK

Rainbow Feather v3 User manual

This WordPress theme is the third version of the all-time famous and beautiful Rainbow Feather theme.
Rainbow Feather is a fluid one-column wordpress theme. As the name suggests the colours in this theme are rainbow-ish. From blue, baby blue, to yellow, orange, white, blue gradient and pink, barbie pink to evil pink. Cool features include: Fancy web2.0 like headings (wet graphics), custom badges “read on” and “continue reading”, matching color scheme/palette, Login area that shows logged in users (well it shows you and gives you options).

This version includes many bug fixes and modifications, specifically it can now boast with unmatched cross-browser compatibility in regard to such a complex design and piece of WordPress code: Firefox, Internet Explorer 7, Internet Explorer 6 and Safari render the site identically. Another great feature is the added widget-support. This version of Rainbow Feather is now 100% widget-ready. This means you can drag & drop most widgets into the pink footer.

Improving the usability of this theme was a major goal that is why in addition to the changes described above, I have contacted many people to help me out with the localization of the theme. As by the time of writing this manual the Rainbow Feather v3 theme is available in German, English, Portuguese (Brazilian), French, Turkish and Romanian. Plans to release Dutch, Italian and Danish localized versions are in progress. I need to thank everyone involved and the 100+ mails I have received to date as well as the 70+ comments on the theme itself. It is you, the people, who have motivated me to put extraordinary amounts of time and love into this project and to love ‘designing and programming’ again.
Thanks everyone!

Demo (use drop-down theme switcher on bottom of page) at themes.klew.es

Download Rainbow Feather V3

Download Rainbow Feather V3

Download Rainbow Feather V3

Download Rainbow Feather V3

Download Rainbow Feather V3

Download Rainbow Feather V3

Download Rainbow Feather V3

Are there resouces, Photoshop files (PSD), etc? YES!

Here is a quick teaser video (Windows Media File) that shows how beautifully the widget-support is built-in, as well as the native Lightbox/Slimbox support, but also the cross-browser compatibility. Rainbow Feather is now looking all the same in every modern browser (Firefox, Internet Explorer 7, Internet Explorer 6, Safari). Also, I added more php-fanciness to auto-cut long titles, a (currently) four pages manual and even more… please stay tuned and don’t hesitate to bug me/leave a comment.

Overall Preview (21MB WMV) | Show video online (new window)
Cross-browser compatibility (16MB Flash) (new window)

Remark concerning the “possible” XHTML Invalidness: Rainbow Feather is XHTML Valid if it wasn’t for the fancy widgets. Don’t worry – it displays all fine in all major browsers, see screenshots blow (click to enlarge).

The theme page of the initial release is here (this page’s old content so to speak)

Widgets Screenshots = Same Design

Widgets Screenshot
Firefox Screenshot
Internet Explorer 7 Screenshot
Internet Explorer 6 Screenshot

Compatibility Screenshots = Same Design

Firefox Screenshot
Internet Explorer 7 Screenshot
Internet Explorer 6 Screenshot
Safari Screenshot

Slimbox Screenshots = Built-in and works

Firefox Screenshot
Internet Explorer 7 Screenshot
Internet Explorer 6 Screenshot
Safari Screenshot

Lightbox Screenshots = Can be used, too

How to activate Lightbox Screenshot
Firefox Screenshot
Internet Explorer 7 Screenshot
Internet Explorer 6 Screenshot
Safari Screenshot

RESOURCES I decided to put them on a separate page to not increase the clutter on this page (even more)

* Icon credits on this page: nato-kino

From the latest Rainbow Feather manual

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  • http://X111.com XIII

    Now that’s colourful and glossy. Very nice.

  • http://www.jaynedarcy.us/ jayne d’Arcy

    This is a really stunning design. I haven’t downloaded any of your themes and so this was the first. I’m really impressed. I wish it fit with the theme of my blog so I could use it.

    Two things I noticed on this theme that you might want to consider for the upcoming designs:

    1. The recent post area – long titles overwrite the date. Is it possible to truncate the title or wrap it?
    2. The line space between links for my archives and sitemap was really tight. It makes it a bit hard for bad eyes.

    Great, gorgeous job. I’ll keep an eye on your future themes.

  • http://klew.es/about jez

    hey jayne, thank you a lot for your feedback, I probably did not have those problems as I worked with the database copy of the themeviewer. Damn.
    I’d have to look into truncating titles. It probably requires some loop hacking. Not sure if it has been done before. I am sure a plugin will do.

    Same applies for the line-issue, I have not seen it before. one might try either decreasing the font-size or putting it all in one line.. or even increase the background height and change the upper part. it’s like a 5 minute hack.

    for your website, you might consider

    also thanks xiii for your comment, you have a beautiful site, too!

  • Miguelio

    Hi! I’m trying with this theme but in the live demo i see that don´t see well in internet explorer, i only can see correct in Mozilla. There is any solution? Thanks!

  • http://klew.es/about jez

    thanks for reporting back here, you might have found a bug. can you please more precise and in addition post a screenshot of your error? You can upload it to one of the many websites that can be found on Google for “image upload”. post the image here and I will see what I can do. thanks and sorry for the inconvenience!

  • Miguelio

    Hi! Internet Explorer 6 cannot see this theme because it can’t see PNG. I was seeying a lot of webs with information, but the solution is very difficult :(

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  • http://www.happysoda.com super rats

    This is one of the best looking themes I’ve seen in long time.

  • Christoph

    What a wonderful and stylish theme, which I really would like to use on my blog. It’s really cool, well designed and placed and comes with a fresh and readable interface. Nice gimmicks though.

    Although I found some issues here, which should help you for further progress (not browser related):

    - Links like Login or Dashboard seem to be hardcoded, so as I installed WordPress under domain.com/wordpress/ they for instance point for the dashboard to domain.com/wp-admin/ instead of domain.com/wordpress/wp-admin/

    - I really would like to have categories displayed (above Recently in the blue bar or at the bottom in the pink bar.

    - Login bars don’t appear

    - When using with Gallery2 plugin, a new window opens instead of loading into the main windows.

    These are my found problems, but you did a wonderful job. Hope you can fix them and keep the good work up.

    Thank you very much!

  • `o-o`

    The title and the date of the post in the blue area does not match with the content of the post. Any idea how to fix this?

  • http://klew.es/about jez

    hi, thanks for your comments, I would like to address some issues you brought up:
    - blue area staying empty or yellow area not showing content or mixed up titles:
    you are required to either change the code snippet of
    < ?php $my_query = new WP_Query('cat=5&showposts=1'); ?>
    to suit your need or create at least five categories, so that you will have a category 5. This query takes all posts from category 5 and shows them on the top part. If it worked on the themeviewer and my local installs it should also for you. Also for it to work you need to have some 3-4 posts. Send me your ftp details and I will have a look.

    - Login bars not showing:
    This is due to a setting you need to change on the Dashboard, it is under “General” and called “Everyone can register”. This will show the login forms.

    - Gallery2 issues:
    I am sorry, but I do not use g2, but it sounds like a setting related to the plugin. Check if there is an option to change the target=_ setting. Or even better, ask the developer of the plugin, I am sure he/she will be of greater help than me :)

    - PNG issues:
    I am working on a fix. I will upload it once the themeviewer is back online.


  • Jack

    Hi! Awesome theme :)

    I’m having the same problem of mixed up titles / content. Your above fix doens’t really seem to address it. On the first page, the theme will always show the second entry on the page with the title of the first entry you’ve ever input, but it does show the proper content that is supposed to be there! I’ve tried it on a few comps – seems to always be the same

  • http://klew.es/about jez

    Jack, thanks for your comment, I already sent you an email!

  • `o-o`

    In case you haven’t noticed but the query to get the recently posts messed up the title and content of the blue area. Since, it’s too much of a hassle to fix it I use a plugin to get the recently post and take out the query. I would love to have a categories section before the recently area. Btw good job on the theme, I love it!

  • Ryan

    I love your theme,but I have the same problem.And your fix doesn’t work in the title and the content in the blue area,they’re still mixed with different entries.

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  • http://klew.es/about jez

    ryan, if you stop by my mailbox and dispatch a quick info of your ftp information I will login and take a look, promised!
    thanks to jaypee for the theme review! I added your link up there in the post!

  • http://www.edifice-id.com/everyword jodi

    im a lil late.. but wow… every theme has its unique character.. i find this one fuss free and overtly neat! great job again jez

  • http://jaypeeonline.net Jaypee

    You’re more than welcome jez! This theme is really nice and well designed. Looking forward to reviewing future WordPress themes from you. :)

  • http://myfuzzylogic.net/ Hanna

    Hi Julian! I absolutely love your theme and I decided to use it for my upcoming blog! I was thinking of changing the header title to my blog name instead. I won’t be taking the credits out. I hope you don’t mind! If you do, please let me know!

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  • http://kakhome.com/wordpress/ Kak

    First, congratz for your website and all the templates
    This one is pretty good and i downloaded it
    But i got a problem, you can look on my blog that the title did not correspond with the real article
    Could you help me ?
    Thank you in advance

  • http://klew.es/about jez

    hey there,
    if the title is borked,
    you need to make sure you either have a category with the id of 5 (five),
    or change the call in the php file to an id that does exist in wordpress.
    to check if you got a category five,
    go to your wordpress admin screen, press manage and go to “categories”.
    the id is visible there.

    hope this helps,

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  • Ron

    Hi there! Good job with the plugin! Love it too! But I have also found a bug that isn’t fixed yet. At the homepage there are 2 posts that will be loaded. The most recent post is in the top yellow bar that is working good. But the second last post is not good, it is posting the right log (the second last) but the date and the title is of the first post. This is as well on my log as also on your testsite. How to fix this? So the date and the title of the second post on the homepage is not good.

    Thanks! Good luck.
    Regards from Holland.

  • http://klew.es/about jez

    groetjes ron,
    ik kan ook nederlandse praken, maar niet zo goed.

    I checked wordpress.h4x3d.com again and couldn’t find the bug you have found. damn. can you send me a screenshot or two? this would be greatly appreciated!

    also include a screenshot of your category IDs. might come handy soon or later. thanks again!

  • http://www.ebe-essen.de Steffi

    ist es möglich dass im ARCHIVE der komplette Beitrag also mit Bild oder Video angezeigt wird.


  • http://klew.es/about jez

    hi stefii, since this site is international, why not write in english as well?
    to answer your question, yes full display of posts with images is possible if you change the_excerpt to the_content in the corresponding php files.

    I would not do that though, because Google will hate you.
    You can use a plugin like the excerpt reloaded (av. on Google) to make sure images (

    Good luck,

  • http://www.pat-burt.com Patrick Burt

    Beautiful theme! Very Web 2.0. I like very much.

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  • Kev

    Hey this is a fantastic theme! Keep up the great work and a big Thank You to you mate.



  • http://XinXiangShiCheng.com 吸引定律电子书

    v2 in my firefox, the left column, the Crative Common terms of use mess up with other words, overlapping (based on what i see from yr Live Demo, I not yet install). Plz have a check and see.

    Abt the first column which is yellow, could u plz make it easier to edit in Dashboard? Rather than mess up with the php files.

  • http://klew.es/about jez

    xin, with all due respect I can not make sense of your post.
    The error you specify cannot be duplicated by me or any of those people that checked the theme so far.
    Concerning the sidebar, what do you mean?
    If you don’t like it, don’t use it – everything I offer here is free and I do not get paid.

  • http://theyagar.com taggy

    hey ! isnt this widgetized ? i see widget preferences page but making changes to it doesnt get reflected at all :(

  • http://klew.es/about jez

    taggy: I am sorry for the confusion, but this theme is currently not widgetized. I must have carried over the function from one of my old themes that are widgetized!
    Widgetizing this theme is currently scheduled for 2-3 weeks when I will have another vacation. (As you can see I am working on themes for free and spend a great deal of free time bringing you those high-quality wordpress themes for free)

    xin’s issue has been sorted out via e-mail: he had the font-size set to x-large in Firefox

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  • http://linkeo.com plasebo

    it’s still lack transparency hack on IE 5x and IE 6. Try the IE hack script from Edwards Dean. Good Luck!

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  • http://www.mikemina.com Mike

    great theme, jez! thank you very much!

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  • http://blog.terencesy.com Terence Sy

    great theme, thanks for sharing but I have a problem where and how can I place the adsense scripts?

  • http://klew.es/about jez

    hey terence (cool site you run), it depends on where you want them to be.
    you could put them into a div layer and have it displayed absolutely (z-index), or you could use a 336px rectangle version that really pays out well and position it just before the_content(); look at the source and see if you find it (php files).

    hope this helps,
    yours jez

  • http://bl.ueyez.com bluEyez

    can u provide psd files for this theme ?

  • http://klew.es/about jez

    Well, I do have them, but I never give out PSD files, as this is my general doctrine.
    If you really want to make efforts changing the theme to meet your needs, you wont mind spending an extra squeeze of brainpower about how this can be done.
    Using a PSD file is not the easiest way to go, I assure you (had to port many designs for companies last summer holiday).

    what do you need help on?

  • http://blog.kamalkumar.com.np KK

    hey, thanks for the cool theme, but i have a problem with it, my sidebar has been crashed, and texts in sidebar are overlapped, can u plz kindly see my website and give me a suggestion :)

  • http://klew.es/about jez

    KK, I will kindly offer my help, but the site does not load and returns a parse-error.

  • http://blog.kamalkumar.com.np KK
  • http://klew.es/about jez

    hey, easy fix KK:
    dont have that much content in the top post. it uses the EXCERPT(); function.
    the area there is only intended to show a limited amount of text, not that much as you put there.

    maybe line breaks at your site (or your input in this post) break it.
    once you have only 4-5 sentences there (you can add the “more” from within wordpress admin -> post “more”), it is all fixed. now that was easy, init? =)

  • http://blog.kamalkumar.com.np KK

    thanks, it worked :>

  • http://klew.es/about jez

    and for the off-set sidebar: there is a css class for the div that says where it should be placed. since you added a picture of yourself, you might need to adopt the height of the container.
    I plan to have this done automatically, but as you can read in my latest post, I am really short on time. I reckon this will be done as early as end of december.

  • http://blog.kamalkumar.com.np KK

    hey is there any way to show my sidebar widgets? i have noticed that my widgets are not visible in this theme and offcourse thanks alot for continious support, i am really glad :)

  • http://klew.es/about jez

    unfortunately, not in this release, I seem to have put up the neccassary functions (functions.php), but forgot to implement it to the php files correspondingly. also, widget css is missing for now. if you were to add it manually it would work flawlessly though (edit the files as you used to do 2006 =) another thing to improve, thanks for noting!

  • MaX

    I like the colors of this one … although I’m not so thrill about pink … :) .. the texts also hard to see in this section .. maybe something orange or green instead?

    Is it possible to make the width fluid instead of fixed? people have wider screen these days and fixed width kinda seems restricted some how. … just a thought

  • http://klew.es/about jez

    hey max, thanks for your valuable feedback. In case you dont entirely like the pink, I can understand that =) you should get the modification mentioned in the article above, “my centershock” or search my page for it. It is more “mature” and less pink. for the fluid width: it is not fixed, but only semi fixed. the elements dont break if you are surfing at a larger screen resolution. I myself use 1600×1280 and it looks quite okay and not out of shape. Care to post a screenshot mate?
    thanks again,

  • http://wiifinder.weebly.com Wii

    The theme looks beautiful on images but the demo site opens up default theme.

  • http://klew.es/about jez

    fixed, thanks for reporting

  • http://www.mattdryden.com Matt

    Awesome theme you have here, and thanks for informing me about the update. It was much appreciated.

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  • zero

    Is there any way to show up the images from the post under the Archive of some category? for now it shows only the title and the text…thx

  • Pingback: WordPress Web 2.0 Themes - sadie7.com

  • http://klew.es/about jez

    zero, I am pretty much sure it is possible, can you however rephrase your problem please? I might be able to help you out real quick once I understand 100% what you trouble with. thanks a and have a nice one!

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  • zero

    so, I have hard-moded your feather theme. it can be seen here: http://www.zeroweb.ro . It’s not ready to go yet…
    I use it to show up my portfolio. On every post I have an image with some text. I would like that on the “archive” page for any category to show up the image and some text from the posts, not like now, when only the text is shown up. I’m not a guru on php, just used my intuition to mod up your theme. thx. Also, another problem, with the png’s in older IE, now I am working on that…
    thx again

  • http://klew.es/about jez

    zero, I think I can help you out, as for the transparency issue on IE6: yes it really screws you bad, that is why I came up with a bug-fixed version “v2″. By looking at your site´s code I can tell you have used v1 instead of v2 (yiks!)- v2 has the “categories” in the footer and is valid xhtml and css. I would recommend you to get this v2 package and have your go with it.

    For the archives: in the code you will see a function called the_excerpt(); – change it to the_content(); and it will show just fine!

    I hope this helps and I wish you all the best in 2008, stay tuned and keep me updated about your progress, you seem like a very talented designer yourself!

  • zero

    well..thank you for your appreciation.
    first, were exactly I can find “the_excerpt()”, in which .php page?

    second…I really don’t know if there is V1 or V2..I have moded them so much that I am a bit confused about that…but, I have changet the theme, the footer is one single footer.php for all the pages, the sidebar.php also, they are included in every single page, much easy to update the contents there…so…

    I have noticed that the IE.css file used some jpgs instead of png files…manage to work that like you, but still for the IE6 looks nasty, because the wood texture in the background…still, it’s a start.
    so, thax again, and I am waiting for the the_excerpt() response. Would like to start the new year with the new site finalized.

  • zero

    found it…silly me
    and it is V2 for shure…will work the transparency out somehow

  • http://klew.es/about jez

    I am glad it worked out for you and good luck with the additional modding!

  • zero

    got that also. will not “spam” your site untill a real problem will occur.

    Happy new year!

  • Brett

    Hi Jez, thanks for the great theme! I’m trying to make the background of the posts wider to allow for larger images. I already have 500+ pixel wide images from my blog that don’t automatically resize smaller, and the text field grows with the image. It’s probably better that the image doesn’t resize because I do want them larger, so I need to widen the BG. I’m not an expert with PHP or CSS, so I’ll try to ask first – What’s the simplest way to widen the post background? Here is an image of what’s happening: http://img520.imageshack.us/img520/3605/featherpr1.jpg
    Thanks so much!

  • http://klew.es/about jez

    Hi, thanks for your long comment!
    I believe the best way would be to increase the width of http://wordpress.h4x3d.com/wp-content/themes/feather/images/trans1.png and the other images connected to it. it should work flawless if you match it with the css file style.css -
    I actually haven’t really thought of images that big – have a great 2008 and stay locked!

  • Brett

    Thanks Jez for the quick response! I extended the right side of trans1.png by 100 px just to test it, so it was 651px instead of 551px. I also changed the style.css “trans1″ width from 541px (yes it was 541, not 551) to 651px and there was no change. Any ideas what I’m missing? Thanks and get back to your vacation! ;-)

  • Brett

    I got it working. There were some table widths of 541px for trans0 and trans1 defined in about 6 different PHP files that I had to change. I thought this sort of thing was taken care of with the CSS? Thanks for the sweet theme! I’ll post a link when I’m done customizing it.

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  • http://www.exus.dk Søren

    The theme doesn’t seem to word with Lightbox plugin for wordpress :(

  • http://klew.es/about jez

    soren, I beg to disagree: every theme works with lightbox; eventually the plugin needs some additional manual input, but generally speaking every page that is (valid) html works with lightbox. since my themes all feature the default wordpress head content and functions, the plugin should neatly embed its javascript code to the page. if you provide a sample page to check out I will look at it after my exam,

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  • Pingback: [email protected]

  • http://www.gprasannah.blogspot.com Prasannah

    Awesome work man!! I’m having troubles testing this theme with my WordPress installation.
    1. In IE7, the first post (in the blue section) appears much lower than the date/no.of comments bar
    2. Also, the login forms and others in the pink section appear one below the other.
    3. There’s a blank white space on the rightmost part of the page. I see this in both IE7 and Opera? I love Opera and can’t imagine parting with it for Firefox.

    Some help please!!

  • http://klew.es/about jez

    Prasannah are you using version 2 of the theme?
    if so – can you supply screenshots? cheers

  • Prasannah

    Hi Jez!
    I’ve attached the screenshots (1st from Opera, and rest 3 from IE7 as you would see). Note that the ‘white’ space that I was talking about suddenly turned Pink!!

    using version 2

  • http://klew.es/about jez

    pfew, that looks proper ugly!
    Just by the looks, is it possible that you have a screen resolution around 800×640 pixel? I am just running tests locally to reproduce this and the only situation the strange skewing happens is when I resize my windows to around 800 pixel width.

    UPDATE: check the results out here at http://browsershots.org/http://wordpress.h4x3d.com

  • Prasannah

    And checked the site at higher resolutions.. It look like what its supposed to look like (awesome)!! Waiting for some way to fix it for my 800×600 resolution!!

  • http://www.crishzaragoza.com crishz

    Thank you for informing me about V2. I hope you don’t mind me adding a few images… I really like the girl image on top :) thanks again!

  • http://klew.es/about jez

    You are welcome, glad it worked out!

  • Prasannah

    Like the rainbow theme, your site too showed up with this blank space on the right on my 800×600 display. Now I see that you’ve fixed it!!!! Help on the theme please!

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  • http://www.adguer.com Adan

    I’d like to know how can I add a right side bar, and modify the left side bar to include adsense adds, and display some other widgets, I’d like to use that area at the right of the posts and all the blog pages.

    And congrats to all the creators of this amazing theme!!

  • http://klew.es/about jez

    with some wordpress knowledge you should be fairly quickly done adding the content (ads) in the places where you want. if you want me to customize your wordpress theme, please drop me a line.

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  • http://www.wiredglitz.com Jay

    I want to add adsense content to my website. Is there any way to make the background transparent, so that the ad would fit nicely.
    It would also be great if you could tell me how to add adsense content as a widget in the yellow part.

  • http://klew.es/about jez

    jay, I see you are using the old version (v1), if you upgrade to the latest version you have widget-support can add it to the widget-area. If you still want to add adsense to it to other areas I’d advise to add a new container by using CSS. Hope that helps!

  • http://www.wiredglitz.com Jay

    I love your feather theme. I got many things working, including the adsense. Thanks for your previous answer.
    I have another question. Why is the site messed up in IE 7? I have the latest version of feather downloaded this month from this website. I checked in my account. It is v3.0 English.
    Please let me know what can I do to fix this.

  • http://klew.es/about jez

    jay, if you love my theme then I don’t get two things:

    first of all, why do you rip my credits of? it explains the need for link very detailed, also there is this license the theme came with. You can except no help or love from me when you act in SUCH A LAME WAY. I put hours of work in there and you just go here with your amateur css/html web-knowledge, badly mess with the code, remove my credits and ask me why it is looking funny? That is quite sad and disturbing.

    Secondly, if you had read through the manual, which is linked at the very top of the page and ALSO INCLUDED with every install, you would have known what is going on. I am not going to help you since you acted like a total jack. Think about those two points and if you want, feel free to reply, else you look like a clown on my blog.

  • Gerard

    First of all, you made a nice theme!
    Hi there, you state that a Dutch version is in progress? Is this going to be released soon and if not, I guess the translation has to be done within the code?

  • http://klew.es/about jez

    groetjes Gerad, thanks for your kudos and inquiries concerning the dutch version. While my dutch is rather limited I have not yet someone to help me out with the translation. If you were to get the excel file listed at the very top of the resources and add a column with the dutch translation I would appreciate that a lot. Of course you will be credited and mentioned.

  • Gerard

    Hi Jez,
    I will have a go at the translation. I will let you know when it’s finished.

  • http://robbie.whitewaves.net/blog Robbie Yee

    haiz, i was wondering if the clicking of pages happens to be a bug. let me explain
    when ever someone clicks on ABOUT on my site, it loads up just fine. However, the title of the ABOUT page, which happens to be ABOUT, does not appear, instead, the 1st post of the blog shows up?

  • http://klew.es/about jez

    hello robbie,
    first of all welcome to my site and thanks for leaving a comment.

    have you read the manual PDF yet?

    I assume not, because you have two bold errors on your page.
    First of all you should be using EITHER (this is the OR part in the readme) lightbox OR slimbox. The theme comes with slimbox by default. so to fix the biggest errors DEACTIVATE the lightbox plugin (not the ADD to lightbox, but the LIGHTBOX plugin that ads the code to the header). You will notice after a reload that it will look nicer and work out of the box.

    for your strange about issue: have you checked the code in page.php (top area with the query part?) ? have you changed parts of the code?

    Hope you appreciate THIS FREE SUPPORT,

  • http://robbie.whitewaves.net/blog Robbie


  • http://www.thegenepool.nl/profkienstra Prof Kienstra

    Great theme, will definitely give it a test run!

  • http://www.214studios.com/blog Brock

    Came across your page on Weblog Tools Collection. The theme looks amazing. I hope to spend some more time looking at it and whatever else you have here. Thanks!

  • http://klew.es/about jez

    thanks for your comment, I highly appreciate any feedback, if you have any questions, feel free to get in touch with me. even though I have limited time left for web activities at the moment due to university term papers I am always interested in helping everyone out (or at least pointing in the right direction).

  • http://www.aceman67.com Phill

    I’m using your Rainbow Feather theme, and I love it (The pink part, not so much, but I’m going to be changing that to a more reddish color).

    I do see a minor bug with the theme in IE7 (Under Windows Vista). When you’re using the default Search widget, the widget below it gets moved up right beside it for some reason

    I’ve tested this on my Mothers computer (Running IE7 under XP) and it does the same thing, and at work (XP running IE6), where it works perfectly.

    heres a screen shot: http://www.aceman67.com/glitch.jpg

  • http://klew.es/about jez

    hey there,
    I just checked the screenshot and your site, however I cannot explain this specific issue. looks fine on my setup here (FF+IE7+IE8+Safari), you’d probably best up to add some css yourself if you are concerned, sorry for the trouble mate.

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  • pquadrat

    Versuche gerade auf Basis Deiner fantastischen feather-theme eine personalisierte Variante zu basteln. Habe nur ein Problem mit der Post im Head-Bereich. Wenn ich hier nur Bilder einfüge werden diese nicht angezeitgt (liegt wahrscheinlich ander VOrschau funktion). Gibt es da eine schnelle Abhilfe?

  • http://klew.es/about jez

    @pquadrat: hi, die meisten problemchen sind echt easy zu beheben: zum header steht im readme.pdf dokument etwas; konkret- der loop oben im header gibt einen excerpt aus; im excerpt wird nur text angezeigt. abhilfe bietet das excerpt_reloaded plugin (link auch im pdf), damit kann man den excerpt manipulieren. freu mich auf dein ergebnis, bin immer interessiert an kreativen umsetzungen! beste grueße aus Duesseldorf!

  • pquadrat

    Also jetzt aber mal wirklich vielen Dank. Schneller geht es ja nicht^^. Denke Du hast mich genau auf die richtige Spur gebracht. Dank Dir hab ich mir wohl ne Menge Codepflückerei ersparrt. Übrigens muß ich Dir mal bestätigen das alle Deine Arbeiten ein außergewöhnlich hohes Niveau halten. Top

  • http://klew.es/about jez

    @pquadrat: “thanks for the kudos”, wie der englaender sagen wuerde… viel spass beim umbauen! ich muss leider wieder an ‘die zahlen’, bzw. ist es nur eine frage der zeit bis ich wieder dadrueber einschlafe :) – in den nächsten wochen stehen klausuren an, danach gibt es wieder frische themes!

  • pquadrat

    Nur mal kurz zur Info, tatsächlich war mein Problem noch viel einfacher zu beheben, nämlich wie unter http://faq.wordpress-deutschland.org/keine-bilder-keine-links-im-archiv-the_excerpt/
    beschrieben, mußte “das excerpt_reloaded plugin” also garnicht verwenden.

  • http://klew.es/about jez

    @pquadrat: oh- ja klar, das behebt auch das problem, jedoch sieht es bloed aus, wenn der post doch mal laenger sein sollte. daher hab ich testweise the_excerpt_reloaded genommen und die zeichenlaenge auf 250 chars gesetzt, jedoch den < img > tag erlaubt.

    deine loesung geht natuerlich auch; erfordert jedoch immer das verwenden des “more” knopfes (manueller seitenumbruch/break),

  • pquadrat

    Auch hier hast du natürlich 100% recht, wenn ich so in ca. 2-3 Wochen die Seite fertig habe, wirst Du ja dann sehen können, warum bei mir die Verwendung von “excerpt_reloaded” so in etwa einem schiessen mit Kanonen auf Spatzen gleichzusetzen ist. Jetzt will ich Dich aber nich länger vom “büffeln” abhalten. Grüße aus Frankfurt/M. und nochmals vielen Dank!!!

  • http://blog.ben-inside.de Ben-Inside


    ich wollte gerade das Theme in der lokalen Xampp-Umgebung testen, aber wenn ich den Ordner der Zip-Datei in den entsprechenden WordPress-Theme-Ordner schiebe, wird dieser von WordPress nicht erkannt, sprich, ich kann das Theme nicht auswählen.

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  • http://klew.es/about jez

    @Ben-Inside: hi ben, vielleicht stimmt was mit der ordnerstruktur nicht. beim extrahieren baut winrar manchmal bockmist. du solltest nach dem extrahieren (z.b. auf C:) nur einen ordner haben. dieser sollte “feather” heißen oder so. nicht z.b. feather/feather/rainbow feather oder sowas. du kannst alternativ auch alle daten in der zip datei mit strg+a selektieren, dann mit strg+c kopieren und einfach in den “default” theme ordner (wp-content/themes/default) reinpacken. bitte wohl vorher diesen leeren… schreib morgen die letzte klausur dieses semester, danach kann ich sicher mehr helfen-

  • http://www.badxp.com Faizi

    Nice themes. A bit colorful to me though. Thank for sharing, and keep up the good work!

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  • http://www.cokguzelhareketlerbunlar.us Çok Güzel Hareketler Bunlar

    You are really great.Here i saw the turkish version of theme and i’m so glad .Thanks again

  • http://albanleong.com Alban

    Hey there, loved the theme. Still in the midst of making some changes and thanks for the advice on SlideShowPro… Will look at other alternatives before making a decision. Thanks again!

  • http://notreadyyet... Astris

    Hi there, LOVELY THEME! Congratulations, I’d like to know one thing, can I change the pink color at the bottom please? Im not a pink fan…and can I add a link to your page, an exchange to the favor of creating such nice theme?
    Thank you!

  • http://klew.es/about jez

    @Astris: hello astris, thanks for the kudos! if you dont dig the pink (and I can understand you), you can get the photoshop files and change it yourself, its really a matter of minutes.

    in regards to the link: as the CC 3.0 states the link has to stay anyway, but if you want to feature me in addition to that, you are more than welcome. keep in touch, jez

  • http://neverdidoneyet Again!

    Hi again, that photo gallery which plugin did you use? Flickr? Or is the gallery of images from the blog itself? Thanks! Which ones do you recomend please?

  • http://klew.es/about jez

    @Again!: hello mate, I think I mentioned the gallery aspect (not sure what you mean by that – the lightbox (popping up thing) or in the footer the widgets?) in the readme.pdf – it is a four pages document that gives plentiful advice on these topics. feel free to address any other questions here, thanks!

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  • http://www.cenzi.net/wordpress/ cenzi

    okay, so i tried your layout… but although I love it, and think its so great, the cons outweighed the pros. This email is not to shit on you, but quite the contrary, I thought I would offer my insight to why this theme DIDNT work out, as fantastic as it is.

    I just found that it wasn’t good to my readers that you had to click so much to read things. For example, the first post is cut off, so “continue reading”…. and then you had a show of the last 5 posts (one of them being also in incomplete form under the latest entry). I managed to bastardize this whole theme as much as possible… until I realized that it was just better to take a screen shot, cry for the loss of a beautiful theme, and continue on.

    I can see this being an awesome theme for different audiences….

    I imagine that you will probably read this comment within the next 48 hours, so I’ll leave the theme running for a couple more days.. I might hack the shit out of it enough to make it what I want it to be, and keep it!

    alright man, be well!

    • http://klew.es/about jez

      hello cenzi,
      thanks for offering your feedback, both kudos and critic is welcome-
      I looked at your site, but it seems to have changed.
      My intention to offer free themes is not to piss people off or develop crap that sits on the net – rather to bring free joy and exicitement to people looking for a free theme.

      Did you get the latest v3 theme and did you follow the faq readme.pdf?
      I would be glad to help you sort matters out, because even though one point is valid that you state (you have to click around a lot), I think it is still a clear and fancy theme ;)

  • http://www.neopattaya.com cHaiNa

    hi jez, i am using a slightly edited form of your feather theme on my website neopattaya.com! great job and also very easy to use for a newbie like me! thanks alot and keep up the good work! also thanks for the simpson episodes! ;) cheers and greetings from thailand – cHaiNa :)

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  • http://gettogether.byethost3.com Nguyen Duy Anh

    I’m trying this template online. I think this theme is good. I found that the theme looks bad when all the text with link is underlined. I’ve tried to remove this but haven’t found the solution. Can anyon help me?

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