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Interesting, tell me more about JK

8th Theme for 11-07-2007

allow some seconds for this page to load, many images attached
This theme has been bugfixed on August 21st 2007, grab a copy below.
I AM CURRENTLY WORKING ON Version 3! See this announcement!
News announcement regarding PSD-files and translations

feather theme


feather.zip (150kb)
feather.rar (150kb)

This version is valid xhtml and valid CSS! Compatible to IE6,7, Firefox + more

Older versions

v1_feather.zip (104kb)
v1_feather.rar (104kb)
Official themeviewer release v1 (will be updated once THEY fix THEIR system) (v1 – contains internet explorer bugs)
available here

Live Demo v1 (old)

here at themes.wordpress.net

Live Demo v2 (NEW)

here at wordpress.klew.es link fixed november 2007

Rainbow Feather is a fluid one-column wordpress theme. As the name suggests the colours in this theme are rainbow-ish. From Blue, baby blue, to yellow, orange, white, blue gradient and pink, barbie pink to evil pink. Cool features include: Fancy web2.0 like headings (wet graphics), custom badges “read on” and “continue reading”, matching color scheme/palette, Login area that shows logged in users (well it shows you and gives you options). This is only visible though if you have new user registration on. Also, a cool RSS-Feed graphic.

If you wonder where the comment number is indicated, look below the date.
I worked plenty of hours on fixing Internet Explorer bugs, if there still any, please post them and I will try to sort them out.

There are many small details built in, so I’d rather ask you to check it out, then me describing it all now here. Look at the images below or try the live demo (v1 – old)

Also, if you want to read my short recollection about the making of “Rainbow Feather” you are welcome to do so here.

Theme based on an object


Calendar-like Date / Fancy Mouse-Over


Header Space for your text


Different latest post


Navigation (top) feat. moo.tools


Navigation (lower page) feat. moo.tools


Search area


Login area




Same look/layout in Firefox and Internet Explorer

feather Firefox (2.0) screenshot
feather Internet Explorer (7.0) screenshot


Read a detailed review of my Rainbow Feather theme at Jaypee’s website Thanks for reviewing!

In order to support me, please keep at least one link back to me. I am sure others would love to get to know my work, too. The Creative Commons license specifies that you can change whatever you like, but must credit and attribute the original author

Help! The top area (yellow) shows no content

Don’t be mad, it does not show content, because you probably do not have a category with the id of 5 (five). There is an easy fix for this.
Go to the Rainbow Feather theme folder on your ftp and open each php file starting from top to bottom. On top of every opened php file there will be code like this:

< ?php get_header(); ?>
< ?php $my_query = new WP_Query('cat=5&showposts=1'); ?>
< ?php while ($my_query->have_posts()) : $my_query->the_post(); ?>

Just change the “cat=5″ into something more senseful, say you do have a category of 1, or 13?
Simply change the five into the desired number. Click save and reupload the file (or if you edited it online, just save and transfer).

You should be all sorted out.

How do I know my category’s ID?

Simply browse to your WordPress Dashboard, click on “Manage”, then on “Categories”. Infront of each category you will find a bold number. This is your category id. … more tips