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Written by Julian Klewes

27 y/o Digital Native with a cum laude degree in International Business, Management, Marketing and Controlling, with hands on experience in both Agency and Corporate worlds.

Interesting, tell me more about JK

2nd Theme for June 2nd

allow some seconds for this page to load, many images attached

glass theme
or like it already filled?
glass theme

Downloads (290kb)
glass.rar (290kb)
Please download here

Live Demo (temporary)
or here at

Content to WRAP around object


Calendar-like Date / Fancy Mouse-Over


Automatic FANCY day changer (PHP)


Calendar (that does not look stupid)


Header Space for your text


Overview of other available Object themes


A sidebar entry / asides (automatic)


New top Categories area

Widget-ready menu area at top left page

Adsense button “recommendation ad” ready


Adsense small ad ready (lower area)


Custom background pattern and badge


Same look/layout in Firefox and Internet Explorer

glass Firefox (2.0) screenshot
glass Internet Explorer (7.0) screenshot

Information concerning the filled glass

If you want to have the picture of a glass already filled, change the glass_water.png into
glass_water_getting_filled.png // If you decide to use the filled version, make sure you change the values of “#google”, so that the date container moves a bit up. else the date is literally drowned in the water (or hidden by the bubbles).

In order to support me, please keep at least one link back to me. I am sure others would love to get to know my work, too. The Creative Commons license specifies that you can change whatever you like, but must credit and attribute the original author

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  • Dubai Money Maker

    WoW this is just simply brilliant, original idea, amazing implementation , wonderful presentation, free of cost! need i add more?

    wonder if you do individual customisaton i would love one to me more custom for my site :)

    Thanks for this.

    Kenny G,

  • jez

    Hi Kenny,
    thanks for the comment and the kudos,
    as soon as I am done with my challenge I am free for every project you might have.
    In case it is only a minor adjustment, just drop me a mail at “jez at this domain” and I will see what I can do.
    Thanks again,

  • elva

    hello julian, i’ve downloaded and used your nicely designed theme; however, i cant click my post, edit text ‘about myself’ or run other links… what happened?

  • jez

    hi elva,
    so you are using the glass theme, right?
    did you download it from the themeviewer or the zip file above?
    you should in both cases be able to change every aspect of your site!
    if you want me to take a look at it,
    you can either create an additional ftp user (that you can delete later on)
    or send me your details and I will take a look.
    To do so, simply use my contact form or drop me a mail at jez at this domain ( I am sure spam bots cannot pick this up, hah ;)

  • Jon

    Hey, I’m not sure where to put this comment but i felt obligated to do it. I’ve loved your website for about 6 months ago from your trance mixes, to your movies, to the general layout of it but I just cant grasp why your wasting your time on these “themes” and all this and that, it seems it would be easier, less time consuming, and look better if you just wrote with html coding instead of using these themes. Please do correct me if this is a stupid remark and dont take it the wrong way cuz you could rebuild it with geocities and i’d still comeback haha :L

  • Curtis J. Morley

    I love your site and the themes are fantastic. I am looking for a theme that will allow me to input code as code. I have tried downloading different plugins etc… My blog is all about Flash / Flex ActionScript code and how to solve ActionScript errors. I write a lot of ActionScript and people enter code when they comment. Does your theme help with this and if not is there a plugin that will work with your themes.
    Thanks in Advance,
    Curtis J. Morley
    P.S. Here is an example of some of the code that I want to show as code. Thanks
    if (this._url.substr(0,5) == “file:”)
    var fillBytes:Number=978;
    var totalBytes:Number=2712;
    if (this._url.substr(0,5) == “file:”)
    var fillBytes:Number=978;
    var totalBytes:Number=2712;

  • jez

    hey curtis,
    I am not sure what my themes do by default,
    but if you go by the quick how-to I just wrote up at

    you should be sorted out. it will show the code as nice as on my pages.
    let me know if you run into trouble. Good Luck!

  • Karen

    Super theme, very fresh and inspiring!

  • Winnie

    Hi, Thanks for the theme, it’s very nice.
    I installed it on my website, but I want to modify some stuff and I thought maybe you could help me.
    On the main Index page, I want the three posts to show the complete content and not use the (…) (read more) mode…
    Can you help me please?
    Again, very nice theme!

  • jez

    hi winnie, thanks for your comment, you can change the code very easily to realize your changes:

    look out for a function (line of text) that reads “the_excerpt();” – you got to change it to the_content(); in order to show the full content.

    hope this helps,

  • DivaGeek

    Can you please tell me what widget or plugin you use for the small icons in your themes?
    Thank you so much. Your themes are very cool and cutting edge. I like them a lot. Unique.

    Thank you,

  • jez

    hey divageek, thanks for your kudos!
    can you specify what icons you mean?
    do you mean the icons used in the sidebar or the mini-thumbnails showing my themes in little?

  • Jayapradeep

    Hi Jez,
    Lemme thank u on giving us a great theme. I have used it on my blog with some modifications. I see that its not displayed when i use ie 6 or below. Moreover i want to place my archive , last posts , categories and links neatly arranged the way u have shown in the screen shots. can u help me with it

  • jez

    hello Jayapradeep,
    since you have done modifications to it I am not able currently (due to limited time at hand) to track down your issues. The theme should display fine out of the box with the initial unmodified release. As for your requests to display the items as shown here: do not use widgets if you want the items to show as pictured on this page. You can of course also go into detail, look at the css classes, the corresponding css stylesheet (style.css) and then learn from that. If you want to hire me for a paid job I am available as early as March 15th

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  • john


    The demo links are not working :(

  • jez
  • Nina

    What a nice theme!!

  • Ja-Doel

    Weiiiihh….Thema minimalis coy…pake yg mana yah??? bingung hampir smuanya gw pgn pake….hmmmm so thanks to designer…top menn…..