WordPress 2.2 is out

Julian Klewes, digital brand strategist, published this article 6 years ago

Written by Julian Klewes

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Interesting, tell me more about JK

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Running 2.2 now, seems to work splendid, but my friend, ticket 4116 is still around. bleh

Finally, WordPress 2.2 is out! Having submitted and worked on one

wordpress 2.2 is out

WordPress 2.2 bug myself, I am eager to get all my installs updated as soon as possible. The bug I encountered had to do with my domain, klew.es – all instances of 4×3 were replaced by some strange x (multiply sign) and caused links to break.

I wanted to install it to all my sites today but the one-click installer of Dreamhost was not updated yet:

On Wed, 16 May 2007, you wrote:
> > hi, when will the 2.2 update be available?
> > thanks for your continuous support!
I actually already notified our one-click guys about the upgrade this
morning. We're going to be testing it out on machines shortly and should
have the update released for you soon! Hopefully it'll be out by the end
of the day today, though tomorrow should be the latest.

Please don't hesitate to write back if you need help with anything else.

Mike S