WordPress Plugin Developers get little credit

Julian Klewes, digital brand strategist, published this article 6 years ago

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Scott Reilly of coffee2code set out to try a 14 days of Plugins Challenge. In the past he has released various (great) wordpress plugins for free which he now tries to update to WordPress 2.5. as part of the set goal to come up with 14 wordpress plugins in the next 14 days.

WordPress Plugin Designers such as Scott Reilly or Lester Chan get less media coverage than theme designers for the reason (I assume) that their work is not that visible. Their work is amazing and really improves WordPress by a lot.

As a WordPress Theme Designer I think it is time to say thanks and return some favours, show some karma and link-love. Keep it up Plugin People!

Lester “Gamerz” Chan’s WordPress Plugins
Scott Reilly’s WordPress Plugins

The ones I love from Lester Chan are: Postviews (does not work here though due to complex loops), Post ratings, Print (allows you to print, right?).

The ones I love from Scott Reilly are: Author images (allows you to show an picture of you below a post or in your template – well you could hard and hand code this, but still this is a neat plugin!), Auto-Hyperlink URLs (autolinks links, as the name suggests), custom comment listing (will incorporate this once again soon, because the current comment section annoys me), Top recent commenters (similar to the one mentioned before) and wpuntexturize (changes annoying curly quote marks (quotation marks) into simple lovely ones). Lorrele’s article on “how to use the post-listings plugin” might be a good place to look at when you have trouble with Scott Reilly’s plugin

  • http://lorelle.wordpress.com/ Lorelle

    You are so right. Theme designers get a lot of attention, but Plugin authors are the heart and soul of WordPress. We need to celebrate them as much as possible as they help us blog better – and Theme designers would be lost without them. :D

  • http://klew.es/about jez

    Hey Lorelle,
    thanks for your visit and comment. You are always so kindly helping everyone out, maybe you were to write an article or mention this Plugin designer vs. Theme designer issue in one of them. If it wasnt for plugins, this page would not be the same. I guess the same is true for your site!