WordPress Themeviewer opened again

Julian Klewes, digital brand strategist, published this article 5 years ago

Written by Julian Klewes

27 y/o Digital Native with a cum laude degree in International Business, Management, Marketing and Controlling, with hands on experience in both Agency and Corporate worlds.

Interesting, tell me more about JK

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new wordpress theme viewer

Hooray for WordPress to sort out the Theme misery after almost one and a half years -
finally developers and users have one place to exchange their files again!
Now I need to make my themes compliant to the new wordpress theme regulations -

Most of my themes are solid, but the automated checker reports:
The stylesheet has no tags. Add a Tags: line to your style.css file and upload the zip file again

So what you have to do is add tags describing your theme, e.g. “widget ready, blue, white”, etc.

  • Andreas


    I really like your templates, but I want to change some stuff in the css file for my taste, is that ok? I will leave all links to your website to support you!

    Please send me an email



  • http://klew.es/about jez

    @Andreas: you are welcome to change whatever you want ;o enjoy